7/01/21 What a difference a day makes after lobbying by the Angling Trust what appeared to be a total ban on fishing in England has been relaxed. Fishing will be allowed locally. TAS members and other interested anglers should log on to http://anglingtrust.net/covid-19/ to keep up to date with restrictions etc.

6/01/21 Fishing is suspended until further notice. The government has called a halt on all fishing during the present lockdown from today 6th January . This obviously means that all TAS waters are closed until infection rates fall for us in England.

Fishing will still be allowed on our Whiteadder and Ettrick fishing for members who live locally. Travelling from England is not allowed. For further info visit http://blogs.gov.scot/marine-scotland/2021/01/05/guidance-for-anglers-during-coronavirus

I am confident that we will be fishing again in February or March so there is plenty to look forward to.

In recent times fishing has been looked upon as an activity carried out in almost isolation with little or no social mixing. I am confident that it will be one of the first sports to be allowed to resume as and when it is safe to do so.

Members should keep an eye on this blog for up to date changes as and when they occur.

Hopefully we will be fishing by Mid-February.

This lockdown does not mean we have to sit and wait as subscriptions still need to be paid. Thanks to all members who have already renewed for 2021. As mentioned in the past late payments can mean lost fishing!

If you have any angling friends who may wish to join us there are places available.

Contact davecarrickryton@hotmail.com or tel 01914133789

Here’s hoping for an enjoyable and productive 2021 on our waters when we can fish again.


Our syndicate was formed over 30 years ago, with our first fishing on the beautiful River Rede near Otterburn in Northumberland. Since then, we have expanded taking on fishing on the main Tyne at Wylam and Bywell / Merryshields. On the North Tyne we fish at Chollerford, Ridley Stokoe and Smalesmouth. On the South Tyne we fish at Bardon Mill. On the River Rede, we fish over four private farms. We have beats on the River Wear; one below Durham and the other in the middle reaches at Page Bank.

In addition, we fish on the River Coquet, River Border Esk, River Whiteadder and Ettrick.

These rivers offer members a varied selection of very attractive game fishing; much of which is in stunning surroundings. Many areas offer some excellent fly fishing opportunities for salmon, sea-trout, trout and grayling fishing; not to mention some good coarse fishing areas too.

Our beats are situated in: Tynedale, Redesdale, Coquetdale, Northumberland, Co Durham and the Scottish Borders. We welcome members from all over the country.

Our largest salmon to date, was caught in 2020 weighing 34lb and it was caught on a fly. We have also had one of 32lb a few years ago. Each season, we see salmon caught over 20lb and sea-trout often into double figures.

Our largest wild brown trout was one of 9lb 8oz caught a number of years ago but we regularly have them reported between 3lb and 5lb. We have also had grayling to 4lb. One off our Whiteadder fishing and the other off the Border Esk. Not a river renowned for grayling but they are present in the river!

Parking on our beats is very good, much of it on private land. During the 2020 season, which we all know that fishing time was curtailed due to Covid; still produced well over 30 sea-trout for one rod and all caught during daytime. Several rods had over 20 fish for the season despite restrictions. One of our new members for 2020 had two days of four salmon caught on each visit on fly to 16lb.

In addition to our river fishing we have two trout lakes which remain open all year round. These are in Redesdale and Coquetdale adjacent to our river fishing. There are other wild trout options available. One of the pleasing things to note is that we have never stocked brown trout larger than 1.5lb; yet we are catching them in the 3lb to 5.5lb size range in our Redesdale lake in particular and also in Coquetdale.

We have vacancies for the 2021 season and interested anglers can contact davecarrickryton@hotmail.com or telephone 0191 4133789 or 07590 411015 for further details.

The selection of pics below are from some of our waters showing a glimpse of the fishing we have. There’s lots more!

Pics above: Ridley Stokoe, North Tyne, Storey’s Hole, Coquet, New Stream Coquet, Stanley Burn Pool, Wylam, Lower Tyne. Border Esk Little Sowie and Lower Smalesmouth North Tyne.


Would all Tyneside Anglers Syndicate members please confirm your email addresses in order that end of season letters can be sent out. Every penny counts for us and emailing saves pounds in postages which can be used towards other purposes including restocking and rents etc.

Please email davecarrickryton@hotmail.com as soon as possible.

We have just completed what has been an eventful year with Covid disrupting a large part of our season. Nevertheless we have caught more fish this year than in the two previous ones.

We have had a record salmon of 34lb as well as some fine catches by some of our members. It has been all about getting on the river at the most opportune times. Experience also counts greatly; knowing when to go and above all having the time and opportunity. Any members who have not given their catch returned please do so.

We have a good selection of fishing available to members.

Any anglers reading this who are interested in joining up please contact me at davecarrickryton@hotmail.com



Catches have been very good during October but non better than the massive 34lb salmon caught by Ed Smith from Lincolnshire. Ed was fishing our South Tyne beat after a few days having been flooded off some of our other beats. He caught the huge fish on a Lime Green Monkey fly. Ed is no stranger to catching big fish having had salmon in the 20’s off our waters and one of 28lb!

He also landed a 9lb 8oz wild brown trout off one of our River Wear beats several years ago.


More recent catches include; Gary Cruickshank with a salmon of 6lb and a 2.5lb sea-trout. Kevin Smith had three grilse all 5lb off our Coquet beat on a Green Highlander. Colin Painter caught a 5 lb grilse off our Longwood beat on the Border Esk. Gary Cruickshank caught a 4lb sea-trout off the Smalesmouth beat on a Mepps. Steve Drury ahd one of 8lb off the same beat on fly. Ian Gaffney caught a 15lb salmon off our Coquet beat on fly. His brother Michael had another halcyon day catching four salmon with fish of 5lb, 8 lb, 8lb and 12lb all on fly from the same beat. Steve McLean had a 6 lb sea-trout off our North Tyne lower beat. Alan Bramfitt reports five more sea-trout off our Page Bank beat and a 5lb 8oz salmon.

Among our catches was Owen Purvis with a salmon of 9lb and sea-trout of 2lb. Bernard Westgarth had a 4lb sea-trout while David Toone’s guest landed a 10lb salmon off the Rede. Ryan Thompson had a 6lb fresh run sea trout on fly also off the Rede. Gary Cruickshank had seven sea-trout to 7 lb off the Coquet plus several salmon to 8 lb. Peter Ashmore had a 7lb salmon off Smalesmouth while Harvey March bank had two off the same beat at 5lb and 6lb.

Ian Nicholson landed fish of 13lb and 7lb off the Coquet while Hilary Drury had one of 9lb on fly off the same beat. Steve Drury landed salmon of 10lb, 7lb, 8lb 8oz, 4lb off the Coquet plus a further three grilse of 5 lb off the Rede. Barry Gibson had a 4lb grilse off the Coquet. There are many more.

Members who have not reported fish caught on TAS waters would you please do so. We have had a much better season as far as catches go despite the Covid problems and the loss of many weeks fishing.

Salmon Fishing continues on the Whiteadder and Ettrick until the end of November FLY only. No Sunday fishing!

We encourage new members and I would ask existing members to get in touch about any friends who may wish to join us. We welcome new members locally and far afield.

We fish in in many beautiful areas and have access to some excellent salmon, sea-trout and wild brown trout fishing. Some stretches have good numbers of grayling present too.

Trout fishing is available on two stocked lakes all year round.

Contact davecarrickryton@hotmail.com for further details.


Members have had some good sport during the month and it has been a case of being on the river at the right times. One member Alan Bramfitt has caught 23 sea-trout to over 8 lb on our Page Bank stretch plus a couple of grilse. These were all caught in daylight over several weeks.

Stewart Smith caught sea-trout of 6lb and 2.5lb on fly plus another of 4lb to spinner also off Page Bank. Many other fish have been caught there with returns not available at present.

Top fly was a Silver Stoats Tail. North Tyne top flies have been Red Shrimp Fly patterns. Gary Cruickshank has had over 20 migratory fish more sea-trout than salmon. He caught four sea-trout in a day on our South Tyne beat and also had salmon of 11lb, 12lb and 7lb off our main Tyne beats. Paul Veitch caught salmon of 16lb and 12lb off Bywell Quarry while Shaun Parkins landed a cracking 21lb salmon off the same beat plus a 6lb salmon. Harvey Marchbank caught a 12lb salmon off the Whiteadder and sea-trout of 4lb 8oz and 5lb off our North Tyne beats. Paul Neate also returned a 12lb salmon. Mr Illingworth fishing as guest caught a 13 lb 8 oz salmon off our Longwood beat on the Border Esk.

Bill Grant caught a sea-trout off Smalesmouth and I had an 8lb salmon caught on a Red Shrimp Fly/

Paddy Hogg had several grilse off the Whiteadder. Bill Horn and John Medley had grilse of 4lb and 5lb respectively. Other anglers were catching salmon mainly grilse off the Whiteadder.

Just reported today was a 17lb salmon caught by Anthony Hauxwell on our lower Wear beat. He also caught a 4lb grilse.

Our Redesdale Lake is being stocked tomorrow which will offer good fishing during the autumn and winter months. Please remember barbless flies, careful returning of fish. Don’t fish anything lighter than 5lb leaders! Take all litter home please and if you use the lodge please respect it as it is the owners; not ours!

After a season where we have lost several months, we have not done too badly. Hopefully a good autumn run will make our catches even better.

Some very nice brown trout have been caught, best wild fish to date was a 3lb brown trout caught and returned on our Coquet stretch by Gary Cruickshank. Steve Drury fished the Smalesmouth beat catching some nice brown trout. He landed fish of 2lb, 1.5lb and another just over 1lb.

Get out and enjoy our lovely waters and don’t forget the winter grayling.

August update


Kielder releases have kept levels healthy on the North Tyne and main river. South Tyne dwindled away to a trickle until yesterday when it rose a foot after rainfall.

Wading has been testing at times when Kielder release levels go above 10 cumecs. Great care is needed.

Salmon still continue to enter the river. Fish are seen daily at Wylam and some have been caught. Best salmon has been one of 9 lb 8 oz and a few sea-trout in the 2lb class have been caught with several very good salmon and sea-trout lost off. One rod had three salmon on in only 15 minutes losing two of them.

Advice is to keep  a look out on the Kielder releases levels. If you google this you’ll get a week’s programme.

Night fishing is the order of the day on a low river Wear.

The unsettled weather could soo some good spates and more fish running. The opportunist angler is likely to get among the fish when levels are falling and clearing should we get spates.

Trout fishing has been decent early and late in the day.




Firstly, our parking at Ridley Stokoe on the North Tyne is only inside the gate on the left approaching from the Bellingham end and then at the Old Picnic Site. Combination lock number is in  your membership booklet. Please only use these parking areas unless you can get your car off the road on the verges. Please do not park in the entrance of the farm inside the gate.

All our North Tyne beats should produce fish after healthy Kielder Releases and recent rainfall. The Rede had water today so opportunities arise there. South Tyne also had water with fish expected.

Our Wear beats have had good stocks of sea-trout and some salmon too. It is a case of getting out fishing. When there has been water, daytime has seen catches but when levels have been low night fly fishing is the best time.

If you have caught fish please report them to me by email or phone.  davecarrickryton@hotmail.com

Tight Lines to all!

Late July Update

The past few weeks have seen some good sport on our waters mainly due to some long awaited rainfall. Fish have been seen in numbers at Wylam, Bardon Mill, Chollerford and on the Wear. Timing of visits is often critical in the quest to catch a salmon or sea-trout.

There are a few things needing to be brought up to date. Firstly on the North Tyne at Chollerford if you wish to fish the hotel side you must stick to the following instructions. Firstly there is a temporary barrier at the entrance. We have permission to move this to get into the car park. You must return it to its original position and you must display your card disc. Failing to do this may lead to having to leave the fishing.

Our fishing at Longwood on the Border Esk. Car discs must be displayed here too. Sensible choices on where you park is essential here as work is in progress.

Stocking of our lakes will take place during August; subject to availability of trout.

When fishing beats, anglers must exercise cast and step to work their way down a run or pool. When a beat gets busy this must happen. When on your own it does not matter. We all need to think of others.

I am away fishing in Scotland from 25th July for a week. I can be contacted on mobile number in membership booklet.

Enjoy your fishing and tight lines!


Update 15/07/20 Some excellent sea-trout have been caught of late up to 5.5lb with some much larger fish lost off ; two at the net at Wylam along with some salmon too.

Members have hooked fish on the Rede too. Our Tyne beats have produced some sport which includes the North and South. Not heard anything from our upper North Tyne beats yet. Border Esk should fish for sea-trout.

Gary Cruickshank caught and released a superb wild brown trout of 3lb on our Coquet fishing along with five others all around a pound.


The extra water has certainly made fishing more productive. In the last week we have had salmon of 7lb, 11lb, 13lb, 7lb, 9lb, 12lb, 11lb, 9lb, 10lb, 5lb, 13lb and 11lb. Sea-trout of 5.5lb, 2lb, 2lb, 3lb 8oz, 5lb and 6lb. Also a Steelhead of over 5lb gleaming fish. Some nice brown trout have also been caught to 1lb 8oz plus.

Many fish lost and probably a few more caught that have not been reported. After even more water at the weekend it is well worth getting out on to our beats. Border Esk, Ettrick, Rede, North and South Tyne, Main Tyne, Coquet and Wear have all had water some more than others. To get river levels Google your chosen river and location eg River level at Bywell, River level at Haydon Bridge, River Level at Bellingham, River Level at Otterburn. etc. These will give you up to date levels.




Local rivers have had good lifts of water at last. When fining down and clearing good sport should be on offer. Time to get out fishing. Tyne system has come away today with the  main river looking good. South Tyne, North Tyne and Rede all had good lifts of water. This will move fish well upstream. Rede and even Upper North Tyne beats may have some fish present.

Border Esk had a couple of metres and was falling as I write. This should encourage good runs of sea-trout, grilse and salmon salmon.

The River Wear has also had some water which will improve prospects on our fishing. I would expect our beats will produce some good sport in the weeks to come.

Both Whiteadder and Ettrick have had lifts of water too.

Most of our rivers had had plenty weed growth and slime which hopefully will be scoured out with the extra water.

Important info regarding Chollerford. The hotel is closed but we continue fishing as normal. If you wish to fish the Hotel side of the river or the opposite bank, Car passes MUST be displayed or you will be asked to leave. Please adhere to this advice WHICH APPLIES TO ALL OUR FISHING. There is a barrier which will require lifting and replacing on entry to he hotel car park.



Update 27th June pm.

Tyne has had a Kielder release in for a few days lately which has moved some fish upriver.

Plenty fish have been seen in our pools at Wylam and also running at Bywell Quarry.

Gary Cruickshank caught a lovely 5lb plus sea-trout and another just under 2lb. Fish have made it into the North Tyne and given a fresh water rise sport should pick up.

Our beats below Durham have fish present too with some reported caught. Further upriver at Page Bank, fish have been seen in the pools along with some very nice brown trout.

The Border Esk had a metre flood early this week which set fish running bringing Longwood into the picture. Well worth fishing for the sea-trout into dusk and beyond.

Given plenty rainfall fishing should really get going. Some picnickers have been a menace on some of our beats persistently leaving litter and broken bottles so beware when walking on the banks etc.. If people are fishing without badges and don’t look like members please ask them to leave. Obviously aggressive people need to be avoided.

Members are asked to keep a record of fish caught and report them to me. A log of brown trout and or coarse fish caught during the year would also be useful for us to have including any special fish or catches.

Tyne had a small rise after the South Tyne rose. This set fish running. Our pools at Wylam saw lots of movement. One rod to land a lovely fresh run 11lb salmon was Ian Gaffney. Ian caught and returned the fish on fly. Other fish were present and a few huge fish have been seen. The river is almost back to summer level again but there are fish about.

Advice to anglers is to keep an eye out for lifts in water after rainfall and get out soon after. Early and late in the day are good times to fish at present. Sea-trout will be worth trying for now into darkness or the first couple of hours before darkness.

11th June

Local rivers have had some very welcome extra water. The Wear has picked up a decent rise as has the South Tyne and River Rede. The Ettrick has also had a decent rise. This should improve prospects in the coming days.

The good news is that we have made an agreement to fish the Longwood Beat on the Border Esk as from today. The map and details are in your 2020 membership booklet. The beat is now back under our control so enjoy your fishing. Any questions email me at davecarrickryton@hotmail.com

The cooler conditions plus some rainfall has helped the situation.

A couple of grilse have been caught on our Wylam beat and fish have been seen in numbers at times. A few have also been seen showing at our Bywell beat.

A few smaller sea-trout between 1lb 8oz and 2lb have been caught on the fly at Wylam.

We are in need of a good spate to get sport going. Nevertheless there is always the chance of a fish but smaller flies are the order of the day.

Some nice trout have been caught on our Ettrick fishing and also on the River Rede.

Kielder releases have helped the upper North Tyne beats and some good trout have been rising. Salmon and some sea-trout are now in the North Tyne albeit in limited numbers at present. The extra water from the South Tyne and Rede etc should encourage fish to run the North Tyne.

Our Border Esk beat at Longwood is well worth fishing. If the river gets some extra water sport will be very good. With Pools like Skipper’s Bridge, Black Wa’s, Big Sowie and Little Sowie the sea-trout should be on especially under the cover of darkness.

As soon as there is something really promising to report it will feature almost immediately. Tight Lines!



Scottish waters are now open for fishing Whiteadder and Ettrick.

Three sea-trout have now been caught at Wylam and a 6 lb grilse all on fly.


Anglers out on our waters have caught some nice brown trout despite the low flows. Kielder releases have helped but there has only been an odd day when levels were decent. A 3.5 cumec releases is in at present for the rest of the week.

There are many smolts in our pools that need to leave the river but without extra water they may well fall foul of the many predators. A few decent releases would definitely help the situation.

A couple of sea-trout have been caught at Wylam; 2lb and 1lb 8oz both to fly and returned.

Salmon have been seen at Wylam, Bywell Quarry and even at Chollerford.

As soon as there is any real news this blog will be updated.

Anyone fishing at Ridley Stokoe please use the parking as per booklet. Do not park in the field beside the farm entrance, use the lower parking and wide verges.

Enjoy your fishing.