We now have the allocation of Buccleuch Estates beats for Tyneside Anglers Syndicate. Mid Irvine House has not been sold as yet so we will have the same beats as last year ie; Lower Irvine House and Mid Irvine House. The Lower Irvine House beat map is in our membership booklet but the Mid Beat is not. Please ignore the other maps ie;  Tower and Hollows as we will not be allocated days on these beats.

For members who have not fished the Irvine House beats the Mid Beat is the House beat above Lower Irvine House. Bookings will be taken from 3rd July by contacting the secretary. For directions etc contact the secretary.

Some nice sea-trout to 5lb have already been caught on our beat at Longwood.


Despite the low water we have had some decent sport with salmon mainly caught on small flies and on floating lines. Darren Jacques landed salmon of 15lb and 11lb on a small fly and lost another at the net at Wylam. David Boyd landed a superb fish approaching 17lb also on a small fly at Wylam as well as a small sea trout of around 1lb 4oz. This was quickly followed by a salmon of 12lb caught by Paul Thompson on a Flying C. Darren Jacques caught an 11lb salmon on a small tube fly at Wylam  On the Whiteadder Paul Neate caught two salmon in the 7lb class on a small Cascade. All fish were carefully returned. An odd sea-trout has been seen and fresh fish are slipping into the river despite the very low flows.

We have completed the second walkway at Little Tosson Lake. Care is needed on the first one as it is still under water slightly with the level having remained high. We hope to have the boats available shortly. If you are looking to go ring the secretary for further details.

Some decent fly hatches have been seen on the Rede.





We are in a spell of very low water with very few fish about until the next spate.

We have one 3lb sea-trout to report from our lower Wear fishing caught on the fly on 1st May. There are a few in the pools so get out and see if you can land one.

The low water should suit Wylam as fish normally begin to build up in low flows.

On another note, a salmon fly reel was lost at the Whiteadder.  It is thought to have been near the anglers parked car. If you have found it please let me know. Also ask about with local people who may have found it .Thank you.

We received a complaint from a farmer on our lower Wear fishing, regarding a very young boy climbing on the plastic hay bales in the farmyard. Please remember these are working farms and children should be kept under control. There is always a risk of serious injury.



Tyneside Anglers Syndicate and Felling Fly Fishers have agreed to have a three rod exchange on their fishing below Durham. It involves the right hand bank fishing looking downstream. TAS from the viaduct down over and Felling upstream of the viaduct up to the bottom of the Kepier Farm beat. The fishing also extends downstream of the fence at the bottom of the Meadow. This includes fishing down to the Pipe Bridge on the right hand bank in Moorhouse Woods and Rainton Park Wood.  All TAS members fishing must wear their badge and carry their membership tickets.

Please make sure that you make yourself known to other anglers whilst fishing on the Felling beats. It is important that the three rod exchange is not exceeded.

I am sure this arrangement will be worthwhile to both organisations and it will also develop good friendships between the two memberships.

Should there be any differences in rules keep looking at this blog for further information. Enjoy your fishing.

All salmon , sea-trout and specimen trout caught on Felling waters should be reported to me in order that we can keep them informed as to what has been caught. We would expect the same in return.


Our Wylam beat produced the first springer from TAS Tyne waters on Saturday 11th March. The 6lb -7lb Springer was caught on a Cascade by Tony Canipa from Newcastle. The fish took in pacey water at the head of the Commander Dunn Stream. The brand new fish went back happily.

Our fishing on the River Lyne is open for brown trout fishing from Wednesday and it can be well worth a visit for the trout enthusiasts. Some large fish have been encountered in recent years. The Westlinton beat and below are well worth a try.

The following Wednesday sees our wild brown trout fishing get underway on our local rivers. The Rede can produce some nice early season fish. They are often full of caddis

and snail. Black Spider patterns, Black Pennell and various Northern Spider patterns do well. Also weighted nymphs such as PTN and GRHE.


Tyneside Anglers’ Syndicate’s first salmon of the season was caught on Saturday 18th February on the River Whiteadder. The gleaming 8lb springer was caught by Alan Lumsden on a Conehead Black and Yellow fly from the Island Run. The very fresh run fish went back well.

A large spring salmon was lost the day before on our Wylam beat on the lower Tyne again on the fly ; a Black and Yellow Tube fly.

Several running fish were seen that day at Bywell Quarry so they are now coming into the rivers.

Five salmon have been caught on the Tyne up to 19th February; three from Bywell to 15lb and two 20lb plus fish from near Hexham.

Trout anglers have done well with rainbows to over 2lb mainly to weighted nymphs fished very slowly. As temperatures rise sport on offer should be very good. Trout are now well naturalised and imitative patterns will be the best approach.


We are still taking new members for the 2017 season. Whether you are game fishers across the board or specifically salmon, trout or sea-trout anglers we have plenty to offer you.

Our salmon fishing  is on the following English rivers: Tyne, North Tyne, South Tyne, Rede, Eden, Coquet, Wear and Lyne. We also fish the Whiteadder, Ettrick, Tweed and Border Esk. Many of these waters offer some fine sea-trout fishing both during the day and also under the cover of darkness.

For the trout fisher we have some lovely secluded areas to enjoy your sport where you will be unlucky if you see other anglers fishing. We had wild fish to 3lb 8oz last season but have had them to over 5lb in recent seasons. We have two stocked trout lakes also in superb surroundings offering some very good fishing. Here we have had rainbow trout and brown trout up to around 8lb in weight. These fisheries also offer the cover for being flooded off the rivers; saving any waste journeys.

In 2017 we had seven salmon over 20lb and also another 60 double figure salmon. There were many more under 10lb caught too! Sea-trout were caught to 10lb 8oz and 58 were over 4lb as well as many between 1lb and 4lb.. Grayling to 4lb were also landed.

We have a boat on the Whiteadder Reservoir in the Scottish Borders which offers some fine loch style fly fishing for wild brown trout .Members have caught wild fish here up to 3lb 12oz on traditional wet flies and dries.

Our trout fishing is very under-fished and is in superb surroundings.  Our waters are in stunning surroundings and this is no exaggeration.

You can have all this for £270 per season plus a one off joining fee of £50.Less than the cost off a day on some of the over priced waters that have deteriorated in recent years.

Send your cheque payable to Tyneside Anglers Syndicate and send to TAS, Rothgar, Woodside Lane, Ryton, Tyne and Wear, NE403NE or tel 07590 411015 or email


As winter takes its grip on our rivers there is still fishing to be done. Some of our waters have stocks of grayling and they are worth fishing for. The Till has some good grayling present and given decent water levels sport is likely.

The River Wear also has good numbers of grayling present and given reasonable conditions it is worth venturing out during the winter months. Our beats below Durham, do have some nice grayling present but our beat at Page Bank is probably our best stretch for the Lady of the Stream.

Some top class catches have been made in the middle reaches of the Wear . I would urge grayling enthusiasts in Tyneside Anglers Syndicate to get out and give it a go when rivers levels settle. Whether you fish the fly or long trot a worm it does not matter.

Reports of some good brown trout caught during the 2016 season have been coming in. The largest brown trout landed was one of 3lb 8oz caught on our Wylam beat. We had fish of 3lb off both Wear and South Tyne. The River Rede produced brown trout to well over 2lb.

While most of our members fish for salmon and sea-trout, there are some good brown trout to be caught on our waters too.. As many of our stretches are very lightly fished, the brown trout angler has lots of open spaces in which to roam and cast a fly; with a really good chance of landing a super brown trout.

Our Rede fishing is a treat to be on .The River Lyne in Cumbria is also well worth a visit.

This stretch is also conducive to night fly fishing for sea-trout. The River Wear beats are also night sea-trout friendly as is the Border Esk.

We did have a grayling reported almost 4lb in weight in 2016 but its catch location remains a secret!

I f you are keen trout or sea-trout angler looking  for the solitary approach with a good chance of catching sea-trout get in touch.


Tyneside Anglers Syndicate has been established for almost 30 years . It was set up to provide game fishing for trout, salmon and sea-trout as well as grayling. The main criteria for the syndicate is to offer good fishing at a reasonable cost. Our fishing is very good value with the prospect of catching some fine salmon, trout and sea-trout.

We fish in some of the most beautiful locations. The Scottish Borders on the Border Esk,  Whiteadder, Ettrick and Tweed. Redesdale offers some very good trout fishing in superb surroundings ; over 3.5 miles of very lightly fished river.

Upper Coquetdale is another area of natural beauty where we fish. Our fishing on the main Tyne, North and South Tyne are also in areas of beautiful countryside. The Wear Valley is another lovely area. Our fishing on the River Lyne is over several private farms set in superb locations. offering some good sea-trout fishing as well as brown trout.

Our members are friendly and helpful and often pass on information on the best lies and flies etc.

The locations of our fishing are well spread which often means that some rivers have had water. When they all get a lift, the choice can be mind blowing selecting where to fish.

We  often get anglers joining us that live far away that leave after a season. This is a shame because they never really get to know our fishing and its potential.

We are now taking new members for 2017. Cheques payable to Tyneside Anglers Syndicate, Rothgar, Woodside Lane, Ryton, Tyne and Wear, NE403NE.

Contact numbers for further information  are  0191 4133789 or 07590411015.


Members have caught several salmon in the 20lb class this season. We have also had sea-trout to 10lb 8oz, wild brown trout to 3lb 8oz , grayling to just under 4lb and rainbows to 5lb plus. It has been pleasing to see many fish in the Rede this year but unfortunately we have not had the anglers there to catch them. Colin Storey landed one of around 20lb last week.

A rogue Tiger trout of 4lb was caught in the spring. Please report all fish caught during November on the Tweed system including the date caught.

We have some good grayling opportunities on the Wear beats and the Till. Our Tweed fishing on Whiteadder, Ettrick, Main Tweed and Till are all worth fishing during November

We are once again holding the membership subscriptions to £270 with new members paying a £50 joining fee. There will be vacancies for new members and interested anglers can email for details.

For information to interested anglers; TAS has varied fishing opportunities for salmon, sea-trout, brown, rainbows trout and grayling as well as coarse fishing opportunities.

Very few of our waters are ever busy and even then members show consideration for others by not hogging an area. If you are interested get in touch.