Updated 30/12/19


In one of our later catch returns one of our local TAS members reported catching over 20 salmon to 18lb 7oz and 7 sea-trout to 6lb for the 2019 season. Right place right time!

Another interesting catch was by Dave Carne fishing our South Tyne beat at Bardon Mill. He caught a 17lb hen salmon which he returned on 26th September. The fish had a large distinctive black spot on one of the gill covers. He then caught the same fish again on 3rd October.


Pics below are all from the River Rede and all from the lower part of our fishing. There are many lovely pools and streams in this area. The mid to upper section of our fishing has many good holding pools for salmon and sea-trout. Some 3.5 miles of excellent water offering a superb environment in which to fish.

Wild brown trout to over 3lb have been caught in recent seasons as well as salmon to just under 20lb and sea-trout to around 8lb.

Tyneside Anglers Syndicate is welcoming new members for the forthcoming 2020 season. We offer some very good fishing on prime Northern rivers which include: Tyne and its tributaries, Coquet, Wear, Whiteadder, Border Esk, Tweed and Ettrick.

For the price of a single day on rivers like Tweed, we offer a full season which stretches from 1st February until 30th November with trout fishing available all year round. Each season members catch some fine salmon, sea-trout, brown trout and Grayling. During 2019 salmon to 20lb have been caught as well as sea-trout to over 9lb, wild brown trout to 4lb and grayling to 4lb.

Returns are still coming in so there may be larger fish reported. Several of our members caught multiple salmon and sea-trout during their 2019 outings. Another 20lb salmon was reported in late November. These catches were spread over spring, summer and autumn visits to our waters.

Our waters are not heavily fished and are situated in superb surroundings with plenty good fly water. Fishing areas such as the main Tyne, Rede, North Tyne, Border Esk and South Tyne, anglers often remark that they had the water to themselves. Parking on our beats is also very good and many of our members make friends with new additions to our ranks.

We offer some very good and varied trout fishing for wild brown trout; as well as two stocked lakes and a further two wild lakes. The stocked lakes are open all year round at no further cost. Rainbow trout to over 5lb were caught in 2019 and grown on brown trout approaching this size have also been caught and released.

We will be operating a boat on our Coquetdale lake during the New Year, which will open up unfished areas of this super private lake.

Our main wild brown trout fishing is on the River Rede with access over four private farms with one bank covering well over 3.5 miles of enticing varied fishing. The fishing on offer, will please most trout anglers who love to fish for native wild brown trout. During 2019 our keen brown trout members caught some superb fish with a good number over 2lb. Catches approaching and even over 20 fish in a visit were reported. The potential of our wild brown trout fishing is far from being reached and most of our fishing offers interesting brown trout fishing..

As catch returns come in more multiple catches have been reported.  One member caught three salmon of 13lb, 12lb and 10lb on our Page Bank Beat in the middle reaches of the River Wear.

Down at Low Grange also on the River Wear another member caught five sea-trout in a day.

We are opening up more of our Bywell Quarry beat before the new season. This beat in the past produced some really good catches.

Watch this blog for future pics of some of our waters. Throughout the 2020 season there will be regular updates concerning fishing and prospects etc to help visiting and local anglers alike. This will include reports on salmon, trout and sea-trout  prospects etc. These reports will help anglers who live out of the region to visit when chances are much better. Please mention this website to any anglers looking to fish in our region.

Cost of membership is £295.

Interested anglers can email for further details.


Just a snippet of some of our latest catches. They include salmon of 4lb 8oz, 5lb, 5lb, 5lb and 6lb for David Carrick caught on an Orange Shrimp Fly pattern. Ian Nicholson landed a 10lb salmon and a 5lb grilse on a toucan. He followed this with a 6lb sea-trout caught on the same fly.

On another visit David Carrick caught an 11lb salmon and an 8lb sea-trout. John Armstrong landed a 5lb grilse on as Shrimp Fly. Gary Cruickshank reports salmon of 13lb, 14lb and 14lb spinning. All of these fish were caught on TAS Coquet fishing. Gary Cruickshank also landed a fresh run 10lb salmon off TAS Rede fishing.

Bill Grant caught salmon of 9lb, 9lb and 13lb off TAS South Tyne beat all on fly. Fish have been caught on a number of our beats.

Would members who have not reported catches please do so at their convenience.

A reminder that our fishing continues on our Tweed based waters on the Whiteadder, Ettrick and Tweed during November.

Don’t forget to try our stillwaters which remain open all winter. Stocking will take place.


Since our last post we have been swamped by spates and high flows. This has brought fish into the rivers and they have been running hard at times. All of our beats have produced fish of late.

Spinning has been the order of the day when local rivers were too high for the fly. Once they fall and clear a bit fly has been successful. Our South and North Tyne beats have produced salmon of late mainly grilse plus some good sea-trout in the 5lb class.

The Wear beats have also produced catches of sea-trout and also grilse and odd salmon.

Our Scottish waters have produced salmon into double figures as well as grilse and some sea-trout.

We will be stocking our Redesdale Lake in the near future so watch out for some good later autumn and early winter trout fishing.

The message is to get out fishing but remember that the Tweed system is FLY ONLY until the end of the season on 30th November.



In recent weeks we have had some fine catches on some of our waters. There will be others from other beats that have not been reported yet.

Anglers out when river levels were falling after spates have caught some cracking fish- several beauties fresh off the tide! Here goes : out on the Border Esk one of our members had five sea-trout in a visit to 3 lb 8 oz plus a grilse of 4 lb. Another member caught a 12 lb salmon while his guest caught a 4 lb sea-trout. Lots of fine brown trout were also caught up to 2lb plus. We have even had grayling up to 3lb.

Out on the Rede a visiting member caught a cracking 2 lb wild brown trout amongst many others. Regular Rede brown trout anglers have caught some lovely fish with some rods catching well into double figures on some of their visits.

From our North Tyne fishing anglers have caught salmon of 18lb, 18lb, 15lb, 14lb, 10lb, 10lb, 9.5lb, 9lb, , 8 lb. Sea-trout of 5 lb, 5lb, 5 lb, 4 lb, 3lb have also been landed recently.

One of our new members caught a 14lb salmon off the North Tyne a bar of silver.

On the South Tyne salmon of 10lb, 10lb and sea-trout of 5 lb ,5lb and 4 lb have also been caught.

The message is to get out fishing. When there is plenty of water make sure you have a spinning rod with you. When flows are low small salmon flies will do the trick.

Don’t forget the Whiteadder and Ettrick in November they are well worth a visit.

Our trout lakes  are open all year round so give them a visit. They have some super fish in them but they are waters that require skill and thought to catch on a regular basis. Watch out for some restocking. These events may take you by surprise and don’t fish too light!

Members who have caught fish and not reported them please do so.


The Ridley Stokoe Picnic Site is now available for parking. The gate is about 75 metres  past the farm entrance on the right hand side of the main road. A combination lock has been installed and vehicles can be parked there now. There is a semblance of a path down to our boundary.

Members wanting this combination number should either call me or email

There has been vast amounts of water through the upper North Tyne from Kielder releases of late. When these lessen, sport should be good.  WADING HAS BEEN ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE WHEN RELEASES WERE ABOVE 11 CUMECS. This has been the case on most North Tyne beats. I am afraid anglers get little consideration these days!

There are fish about and it is a case of getting out on the rivers and adapting to the conditions. Carrying a spinning rod is a good idea when levels are high and or coloured.

Some very good brown trout have been caught on the Rede some over 2lb.

Please report your catches to me by email as above.


The abundant rainfall has improved the salmon and sea-trout fishing prospects. Tyne and other local rivers have all had loads of water. Kielder releases have not been kind to our upper North Tyne beats with releases as big as 25 cumecs. This makes fishing uncomfortable especially for the fly angler. When more sensible levels prevail there should be fish to be caught there.

The Border Esk has produced sport with salmon to 12lb caught and sea-trout to over 4lb. Again big spates put rods off. The Esk can fish when many anglers would turn round and go home. Fly fishing is often out of the question but a spate in the early morning can sometimes mean even fly fishing by late afternoon. Several of our rods have missed out on good opportunities and rods have not been fished.

Some very good sea-trout have been caught on our North and South Tyne beats to over 7 lb. The Wear beats have also had fish.

The Chollerford upper areas have been badly affected by the high spates which has left much driftwood in the bushes and trees on the bankside. Wading the river can get away from this problem but at 25 cumecs it is too high a flow. Spinning is the best bet when conditions are very high.

We have had some very good wild brown trout of late several over 2lb from the Border Esk and Rede.

Reports coming in from the Whiteadder indicate a good grilse run and this has been reported from other rivers.

Now is the time to get out fishing but come prepared for the conditions. While most of us want to fly fish there are times when a spinning rod is a must.

Enjoy your fishing.


12th August 2019

We have huge spates in all of our rivers as I write this report. Fishing is flooded off for the immediate future but once the levels fall and clear; there should be some fine fishing to be had.

Tyne rose to around 15 feet and there has been some flooding. Prior to this water, fish stocks were building up and members have been catching fish. One member had five sea-trout in a day and followed it with a grilse of 4lb. Plenty sea-trout ranging from 2lb plus up to 6lb have been caught on both fly and small spinning baits.

We have also been catching some very good brown trout. Fish to around 4lb have been caught on the Whiteadder as well as some fine grayling to 3lb on the Border Esk. This 3 lber was caught on our Longwood Beat on the Border Esk.

Double figure trout catches have been made by fly anglers and those spinning mepps for sea-trout. One rod had twelve in addition to five sea-trout returned.

Once conditions settle, salmon catches should begin to increase. Salmon have been caught and seen as far up as our Smalesmouth Beat on the North Tyne. Members should keep an eye on river levels as sometimes heavy releases of 15 to 16 cumecs are made. This means extra care when wading.

More acceptable releases in the range of 5 cumecs up to 9 make for excellent fishing conditions. Fly anglers should do well in the weeks to come on all our North and South Tyne fishing. The Rede should also see sport when levels fall. Flooding has occurred in some areas.

Our Wear beats should also figure in catches when levels fall and clear.


We still have vacancies for new members and interested anglers should email for details.

Tyneside Anglers Syndicate has a wide ranging selection of game fishing opportunities for local and visiting anglers alike.

You have a  choice of fishing all of the following rivers:

River Whiteadder, River Ettrick, River Tweed, River Border Esk, River Coquet, River Rede, River North Tyne, River South Tyne, Main Tyne, River Wear, River Ribble and River Hodder: a total of 12 rivers. We fish in outstanding surroundings with good parking areas. We also have two stillwater trout fisheries open all year round.

Anglers can fish seven days a week on all of our waters except on Irvine House, Border Esk, River Tweed, River Whiteadder and Ettrick. Scottish rivers are closed on Sundays.

All English waters are open seven days a week. Our salmon fishing includes an extra month on the Whiteadder,Tweed and Ettrick with fishing until the end of November. We also have some improving grayling fishing for the winter months.

Cost is £295 plus £50 joining fee.



Firstly the Old Picnic Site at Ridley Stokoe has been purchased by the owners of Ridley Stokoe. The fishing rights remain separate and are leased to a local club by the Forestry Commission.

The Picnic Site will be our main parking area when a combination lock is installed. Until then please park in front of the OLD PICNIC SITE GATE. Once the lock is in place we will release the number only by contact with the secretary.


We have water on many of our beats after the heavy rainfall. Fish will certainly be running with prospects good. Stocks of salmon and sea-trout are building up so its time to get out on the river banks.

A few interesting snippets- Grayling up to 3lb have been caught on our Longwood beat on the Border Esk as well as sea-trout. Some really good fish have been lost off  so fish are present.

Remember to check recent river levels on sites such as or fish

You can also google them individually eg river levels langholm border esk and you will get an up to date level. Tight lines


The North Tyne, South Tyne and River Rede all had water over the weekend and some excellent river conditions are now available .This may only last a few days subject to the weather. It is highly likely that fish will have entered the Rede system and fishing the lower end of our beats are a likely area to produce a fish or two. Also our Upper North Tyne beats should receive more salmon and sea-trout. You won’t catch unless you get out fishing!

Main Tyne TAS beats also worth a cast.

With hot weather on the way early and late will be the best times to fish. Good fishing conditions should last a few days and with Kielder releases ongoing this week prospects look good.

Fish have been caught on our North Tyne fishing and Kielder releases are very favourable for the next week or so.

Stocks of sea-trout and odd salmon are  in our Border Esk beat and also on Irvine House which is now available for members on Friday and Saturdays. Bookings have to be made through the secretary. The river got some water yesterday and was in fine order today.

The River Wear beats also have sea-trout present but low water levels have kept members away. Prospects are good as I write.


Members need to be aware that the Moorhouse Woods stretch that we have access to through Felling Fly Fishing Club is now available after their lease was sorted. TAS members need to be aware that there is a limit of one salmon and one sea-trout per day on this beat.

There are plenty sea-trout in the River Wear despite the very low water. Last light and into the dark with small flies should do the trick.

The Whiteadder had some water at the weekend but no reports of fish yet.

The new acquisition of land by our owners of Ridley Stokoe has come to a snag. We can park in the area where the gate is on the old Ridley Stokoe picnic site. We will install a combination lock here. Members are not to fish the extra river frontage as there is some doubt about this. This is down to the agent at the moment .As soon as we have confirmation I will update the information for members. In the mean time members should fish Smalesmouth and Ridley Stokoe.

Fish have been holding at Wylam but river levels have been very low. A 13 cumec Kielder release is in on 17th and 18th dropping to 9 cumecs for a few days. This should offer some good fishing on our North Tyne beats.

We need rainfall soon.


Firstly we are now catching some fish again after the welcome rainfall. Our beats on the Tyne system are all worth as visit as are the Wear and Whiteadder.

I must bring members attention to the following: firstly spinning on the Whiteadder. Yes you can spin when the water is around two feet and coloured. At levels below this unless it is still coloured then fly fishing is recommended. Please be sensible about this. The Whiteadder is not a huge river by any means and fly fishing is relatively easy from the bank.

Fly fishing should be our preferred method!

Secondly our stance on dogs accompanying members is quite clear. No dogs off leads wandering the banks. Complaints have been  made concerning dogs running wild and excreting on the banks without anglers picking up and depositing in litter bins.

Please note the land adjacent to the fishing at Edington belongs to a different owner who has access to the fishing as he is a personal friend of one of our founder members.

Please keep your dog on a lead and under control. Do not let it run wild on the river banks.

Enjoy your fishing but keep to our code of conduct.