Tyneside Anglers Syndicate has three vacancies available at present. Interested anglers should contact davecarrickryton@hotmail.com or ring 01914133789 for details.

Memberships are for twelve months. TAS offers some fine salmon and sea-trout fishing for members. We also have very good potential for wild brown trout and grayling as well as two stocked trout lakes open all year round. All for £270 plus £50 joining fee.

Please scroll down to read our recent posts as well as further info on fishing available.

So far this season we have caught salmon to 17lb 8oz, sea-trout to 9lb and brown trout to 3lb 4oz. Rainbow trout to 5lb plus have also been reported as well as some excellent grayling.


We have just acquired the Ridley Stokoe beat on the upper  North Tyne. The beat is approximately three quarters of a mile and has several excellent fly streams. It has never been fished or leased before and does need substantial work to open up all possibilities. We hope to begin this work soon to open up access points to the streams and pools. Further working parties will be arranged during the close season.

The fishing is above Eals and below Smalesmouth.  Anglers should look out for a sign on the left for Ridley Stokoe Farm. The beat is situated in a very private location. Parking will be just inside the Farm entrance immediately off the road. Also downstream through a farm gate on the right moving downstream.

The upper limit is just above the farm entrance. There is also possible parking on the grass verges but this may suit 4×4 vehicles. The lower limit is the stream mouth.

Fishing for Tyneside Anglers Syndicate members will commence on Friday 1st September. There is no booking necessary and the fishing is seven days a week. In the unlikely event that extra members turn up anglers will need to take turns and cast and step. You are welcome to remove scrub and overhanging branches or bushes but not large trees. All help will be gratefully received.

All salmon and sea-trout caught should be reported to David Carrick either by email at davecarrickryton@hotmail.com or tel 0191 4133789 or mobile 07590 411015.

Please also keep a record of the number of visits you have and a log of brown trout caught would be very useful. Any further info contact me on the above. Please note that cars are parked at the anglers own risk.

Enjoy your new fishing!



Tyneside Anglers Syndicate have recently agreed to have an exchange of three rods on our Lower Wear fishing with Felling Fly Fishing Club.

Already we have had one problem with a TAS member  straying on to other organisations water.

The Upper boundary is the Wooden Bridge go no further upstream and do not cross over on to the opposite bank. All the fishing is on the right hand bank facing downstream.

Catches have been consistent lately with sea-trout to 9lb and some very fresh run salmon. Please remember to report any salmon or sea-trout catches from our Whiteadder fishing as per your membership booklet.


Sea-trout are now figuring prominently  in catches on our Border Esk, Wear and Tyne fishings. Recent rainfall has seen sport pick up and some nice fish in the 3lb to 8 lb range have been caught. Salmon sport has been slow but the recent rainfall may well see some good catches made. Fish have already made it into the Rede and sea-trout have been running the Lyne.

The Whiteadder in particular has had a slow spring on our beats. The rainfall at the turn of the month may well see some much better sport for members. Members who have caught salmon or sea-trout and not reported them to the secretary should do so.

This is especially so on the Whiteadder where twice yearly returns are required by the Tweed Commission. If you have caught a salmon or sea-trout on the Whiteadder and not reported it please do so as soon as possible to me. email davecarrickryton@hotmail.com or tel 01914133789.

Now the bad news : The Scottish Borders Council do not have boats available this year for us on the Whitedder Reservoir. This is because all but two of their boat fleet were damaged during the winter. We hope that we will be back in business next year.

There are two boats for daily hire from the Scottish Borders Council at a cost of £20 per day.

Please read your membership books especially the rules section etc. Enjoy your fishing and tight lines for your visits.


We now have the allocation of Buccleuch Estates beats for Tyneside Anglers Syndicate. Mid Irvine House has not been sold as yet so we will have the same beats as last year ie; Lower Irvine House and Mid Irvine House. The Lower Irvine House beat map is in our membership booklet but the Mid Beat is not. Please ignore the other maps ie;  Tower and Hollows as we will not be allocated days on these beats.

For members who have not fished the Irvine House beats the Mid Beat is the House beat above Lower Irvine House. Bookings will be taken from 3rd July by contacting the secretary. For directions etc contact the secretary.

Some nice sea-trout to 5lb have already been caught on our beat at Longwood.


Despite the low water we have had some decent sport with salmon mainly caught on small flies and on floating lines. Darren Jacques landed salmon of 15lb and 11lb on a small fly and lost another at the net at Wylam. David Boyd landed a superb fish approaching 17lb also on a small fly at Wylam as well as a small sea trout of around 1lb 4oz. This was quickly followed by a salmon of 12lb caught by Paul Thompson on a Flying C. Darren Jacques caught an 11lb salmon on a small tube fly at Wylam  On the Whiteadder Paul Neate caught two salmon in the 7lb class on a small Cascade. All fish were carefully returned. An odd sea-trout has been seen and fresh fish are slipping into the river despite the very low flows.

We have completed the second walkway at Little Tosson Lake. Care is needed on the first one as it is still under water slightly with the level having remained high. We hope to have the boats available shortly. If you are looking to go ring the secretary for further details.

Some decent fly hatches have been seen on the Rede.





We are in a spell of very low water with very few fish about until the next spate.

We have one 3lb sea-trout to report from our lower Wear fishing caught on the fly on 1st May. There are a few in the pools so get out and see if you can land one.

The low water should suit Wylam as fish normally begin to build up in low flows.

On another note, a salmon fly reel was lost at the Whiteadder.  It is thought to have been near the anglers parked car. If you have found it please let me know. Also ask about with local people who may have found it .Thank you.

We received a complaint from a farmer on our lower Wear fishing, regarding a very young boy climbing on the plastic hay bales in the farmyard. Please remember these are working farms and children should be kept under control. There is always a risk of serious injury.



Tyneside Anglers Syndicate and Felling Fly Fishers have agreed to have a three rod exchange on their fishing below Durham. It involves the right hand bank fishing looking downstream. TAS from the viaduct down over and Felling upstream of the viaduct up to the bottom of the Kepier Farm beat. The fishing also extends downstream of the fence at the bottom of the Meadow. This includes fishing down to the Pipe Bridge on the right hand bank in Moorhouse Woods and Rainton Park Wood.  All TAS members fishing must wear their badge and carry their membership tickets.

Please make sure that you make yourself known to other anglers whilst fishing on the Felling beats. It is important that the three rod exchange is not exceeded.

I am sure this arrangement will be worthwhile to both organisations and it will also develop good friendships between the two memberships.

Should there be any differences in rules keep looking at this blog for further information. Enjoy your fishing.

All salmon , sea-trout and specimen trout caught on Felling waters should be reported to me in order that we can keep them informed as to what has been caught. We would expect the same in return.