From Monday 26th April our Whiteadder, Ettrick and Border Esk beats will be available for members south of the Scottish Border. We have had salmon to 15lb on our Whiteadder fishing so far this season with only a handful of members being able to fish.

Obviously this has been restricted to a very few members who live locally in the Borders.

We are in real need of rainfall with rivers very low and some beginning to get badly weeded. A good flush out is required which will bring in runs of fish.

The change in weather has not produced enough rainfall to lift our local rivers. There will be fish present in some of our beats but they will require smaller flies to tempt them. Wylam always offers a decent chance of a fish when levels fall. Salmon have been seen recently in the top pools.

Some nice brown trout have been caught but sport in general has been slow with the cold frosty nights and mornings.

The long awaited rainfall has arrived with all of our rivers getting water. This will hopefully bring in the first of the sea-trout and some salmon which have been scarce especially on the Tyne.

Today 4th May, I had a visit to Smalesmouth our Upper North Tyne beat as rivers were coloured and in spate. The conditions there were good. Flies were hatching and trout were showing interest. I managed 7 in three hours best one 1.5lb. Two equally good fish were lost off. Worth a visit for the trout enthusiast. 5 cumec and 7 cumec Kielder releases should be ideal. 3 Cumecs at the moment making wading lass difficult. Rocks are slippery so be careful and take things slowly.

We are still taking new members interested anglers can contact

Members should keep looking at this blog for further updates throughout the season.

Below are some pics of just a few of the fly streams on the recently leased Union Hall Farm beat on the River Wear. There are many more as well as good glides and holding areas for both salmon and sea-trout. This is an excellent addition to our many fine fly fishing areas. Please look back at the post with details from Union Hall Fishing

1 The Meadow Stream

2. Upper Flats

Lower Flats Stream

Mid Stream


As of 2nd April, we have leased the 1.5miles of fishing at Union Hall Farm. We used to have this fishing until a few years ago. It offers some fine fishing for salmon, trout and sea-trout in lovely surroundings. We have come out of the fishing at Low Grange Farm but we have kept Low Grange Meadow below. This can be accessed from Union Hall in sensible water heights.

There is an area where anglers can cross the river to Grange Meadow when river levels are suitable. In high flows we can fish the near bank. A number of years ago we accessed the Meadow in this way before we had Low Grange Farm fishing.

Union Hall post code DH1 5SG can be accessed by the private road just before the Adventure Park. If you follow signs for this it will bring you to the entrance of Union Hall Farm. Just before the entrance gate there is a button to press which will open the gate.

Very safe Parking is on your left in the small layby. If full, use the large metal gate entrance on your right but make sure you park without obstructing access. Race horses use this area at times.

There is a 15 minute walk to the river following the track. Go through the large metal gate and follow the track along the side of the horses’ fields and then down the hill to the river. The upper and lower boundaries are clearly marked. Our TAS signs from our previous tenure are still there and are easily seen.

Please note this beat has not been let since we had it a few years ago. We are very glad to have renewed our tenure as it offers some lovely fly water as well as some good holding pools. In real terms we have only lost around 300 yards of fishing on the opposite bank but have gained over three quarters of a mile below. You will be able to see this from the map.

Advice to members is to take only what equipment you need for fishing, as the walk will take around 15 minutes down to the river; then of course you have 1.5 miles below to fish or your beat across the river below the sewage works outlet stream. Plan longer visits unless you are young and fit. There is a track which runs along most of the fishing. The lower boundary is just above the Pipe Bridge.

If sea-trouting late please leave the farm quietly.

The fishing is available from Friday 2nd April.

The Low Grange Meadow fishing runs from the Sewage outlet stream to the top of Moorhouse Wood at the fence.




This 1.5 mile beat is situated below Franklands prison near Brasside, a few miles below Durham. Access by Pity Me then on reaching the front of the prison continue down the road until it becomes a single track. Enter the entrance to Union Hall Farm clearly sign posted. PRESS BUTTON TO OPEN THE GATE. Park in the layby on the left or inside the metal gate on the right. Fishing is for 12 months of the year. Best times for large mature sea-trout is from April, May and June. Grilse and salmon can also be present from this time. Runs of salmon, grilse and sea-trout take place throughout the summer and through into the autumn. Fishing is seven days a week. Security is important as race horses are kept here plus the Adventure Park.

Always park sensibly. The beat also holds good stocks of brown trout, grayling and coarse fish.

The large metal gate on the right is your access. Proceed along the track then turn left down the bank to the river. Any questions contact the secretary.



From today 29th March members are able to travel to our English fishing.

Members should note that despite the changes we still need to be very careful and observe all the recommended rules we have been keeping. When on farmland etc we advise members to wear gloves when opening gates etc. We must protect our owners and also fellow members as well as the general public who may be on public rights of way.

Members should keep consulting this blog in case there are any changes or owners who are still concerned at anglers accessing the fishing.

The recent spates in our local rivers may well herald the first real runs of fish this year. As levels settle there is a chance of sport.

Our Scottish Waters are still a no go for us south of the Border. Watch this blog for details when travel restrictions are eased or lifted.

We still have vacancies. Any interested anglers can contact for details.


Update 19/03/21

Another fish was caught by Colin Tait on fly estimated at 7lb and carefully returned.

Kevin Foster caught a 3lb plus brown trout on our Wylam fishing recently in a high water.

The excellent fish took a Toby in the Commander Dunn Pool. No salmon have been seen up to date. The river was falling into decent condition today and with settled conditions there is the chance of a spring fish or two. This also applies for Bywell Quarry.

We will be able to fish our English Waters from 29th March as travel restrictions will be lifted.

We may have to wait longer for a visit to the Whiteadder, Ettrick and Border Esk. Watch this blog for updates.


Paul Neate from Edington caught our first salmon of the season on Monday 8 th March off our Whiteadder fishing. The shining 8 lb springer took a Black and Silver Snaelda fly. The fish was very carefully returned.

Not too long to wait now until we can all get on to our beats as and when we wish.

Tyne has been running clean but too high for our lower river beats at Bywell Quarry and Wylam. Given a drop in levels then there is a good chance of a fish or two from these beats. Please note that you can access the fishing at Wylam. Just lift the fencing and go through; we have permission.

Tyne had its first fish caught at Styford directly below the fish pass last week at 18lb.

Please refer to previous posts on Bywell Quarry access and Wylam access.

Anglers waiting to join now is the time!


It is with great pleasure that I can announce that our new president will be Sir Ian Botham OBE. New and recently joined members will be unaware that we lost our previous President Jack Charlton OBE last year. Jack will of course be fondly remembered by those who knew him.

We welcome Sir Ian and hope he enjoys fishing our varied waters when he has the time.

Latest news: March 29th will see restrictions being lifted that will allow non local fishing and travelling to fishing allowed once again. It is unclear at the moment whether this will include our Whiteadder, Border Esk and Ettrick fishing. We await clarification from the Scottish government. Please keep an eye on this blog for further updates as and when they come available.

Please refer to previous posts on this blog regarding access to our Wylam and Bywell Quarry fishing.

Prospective new members can now join us with confidence of being able to travel and fish most of our waters. Hopefully our Scottish Border rivers will be available at the same time.


Our access to the Wylam fishing is now available again. For members unaware of the problems we have faced in recent weeks I will explain. At the bottom end of the Wylam Station Car park there is a barrier. Tyneside Anglers Syndicate members can now access our fishing through this area. Advice to members is as follows: Access this area and take the pathway down to your left. Fishing is OK down to below the Concrete Pump House. This area has large whinstone blocks along the bankside and is not a comfortable access. There is some excellent streamy water here. The danger area is below this and members are instructed not to access the danger area.

In this area of our fishing, there has been extensive erosion which has never been attended to. The situation over the last five years has seen banking collapsing, trees slipping into the river pathways been fenced and now huge cracks have formed in what is left of the Keelman’s Way path at this point.

This severely threatens the Newcastle to Carlisle railway line! The massive build up of rocks opposite the collapsed area has been left to accumulate for decades. The EA were informed verbally by me some years ago but this was ignored. The flow of the Tyne was forced at right angles straight into the bank. This warning was ignored!

To sort this problem out is now a mammoth task with very difficult access for plant.

The rock mound across the river requires moving to allow the river to flow straight. Maybe some of this deposition could be used to shore up the damaged banks by using gabions. Access for cranes etc will be very awkward. Bearing in mind that erosion is happening daily in the form of river current power, tidal surges twice a day and huge spates this area needs attention now!

Our lower pools below the damaged area can be accessed from the river bank at the top of the Golf course. This means travelling by car to Clara Vale and parking near the railway crossing.

Any problems contact the secretary or chairman.


Owners Thompsons of Prudhoe are extracting minerals from a new area at the Quarry – “Green Hill”. This affects our access and will mean a longer walk on certain days of the week.

Our normal access will be closed at the following times: Monday to Friday from 07:30am to 5 pm. On Saturdays it will be closed from 07:30am to 12 noon. Sunday access is available for member’s vehicles all day.

We can access the fishing at all other times on foot.

Parking is critical and can only be done in the following two areas. On entering the sealed road towards the farm , just before the fork in the road where right takes you into the Quarry road and the left fork towards the farm; there’s enough area for vehicles to park. There is no access into the farm. On the right there is a grassy verge which will house two vehicles. Right beside the fork to the farm there is enough space for another vehicle on the right next to the junction.

Access on foot to the river, take the left fork to the gate on your left and follow this new path past the new quarry workings and then down the normal track and under the railway tunnel.

Traverse round the lake to the river bank.

This takes between 10 and 15 minutes. Advice is to travel as light as you can to the river. The terrain is flat for those who don’t know this area.

Should this situation change watch this blog for any alterations.

Fishing is open from 1st February and during the early months water levels will be too high for wading when fly fishing. Fishing from the bank is possible in several areas or spinning.

Any problems contact the secretary on 0191 4133789


7/01/21 What a difference a day makes after lobbying by the Angling Trust what appeared to be a total ban on fishing in England has been relaxed. Fishing will be allowed locally. TAS members and other interested anglers should log on to to keep up to date with restrictions etc.

6/01/21 Fishing is suspended until further notice. The government has called a halt on all fishing during the present lockdown from today 6th January . This obviously means that all TAS waters are closed until infection rates fall for us in England.

Fishing will still be allowed on our Whiteadder and Ettrick fishing for members who live locally. Travelling from England is not allowed. For further info visit

I am confident that we will be fishing again in February or March so there is plenty to look forward to.

In recent times fishing has been looked upon as an activity carried out in almost isolation with little or no social mixing. I am confident that it will be one of the first sports to be allowed to resume as and when it is safe to do so.

Members should keep an eye on this blog for up to date changes as and when they occur.

Hopefully we will be fishing by Mid-February.

This lockdown does not mean we have to sit and wait as subscriptions still need to be paid. Thanks to all members who have already renewed for 2021. As mentioned in the past late payments can mean lost fishing!

If you have any angling friends who may wish to join us there are places available.

Contact or tel 01914133789

Here’s hoping for an enjoyable and productive 2021 on our waters when we can fish again.


Our syndicate was formed over 30 years ago, with our first fishing on the beautiful River Rede near Otterburn in Northumberland. Since then, we have expanded taking on fishing on the main Tyne at Wylam and Bywell / Merryshields. On the North Tyne we fish at Chollerford, Ridley Stokoe and Smalesmouth. On the South Tyne we fish at Bardon Mill. On the River Rede, we fish over four private farms. We have beats on the River Wear; one below Durham and the other in the middle reaches at Page Bank.

In addition, we fish on the River Coquet, River Border Esk, River Whiteadder and Ettrick.

These rivers offer members a varied selection of very attractive game fishing; much of which is in stunning surroundings. Many areas offer some excellent fly fishing opportunities for salmon, sea-trout, trout and grayling fishing; not to mention some good coarse fishing areas too.

Our beats are situated in: Tynedale, Redesdale, Coquetdale, Northumberland, Co Durham and the Scottish Borders. We welcome members from all over the country.

Our largest salmon to date, was caught in 2020 weighing 34lb and it was caught on a fly. We have also had one of 32lb a few years ago. Each season, we see salmon caught over 20lb and sea-trout often into double figures.

Our largest wild brown trout was one of 9lb 8oz caught a number of years ago but we regularly have them reported between 3lb and 5lb. We have also had grayling to 4lb. One off our Whiteadder fishing and the other off the Border Esk. Not a river renowned for grayling but they are present in the river!

Parking on our beats is very good, much of it on private land. During the 2020 season, which we all know that fishing time was curtailed due to Covid; still produced well over 30 sea-trout for one rod and all caught during daytime. Several rods had over 20 fish for the season despite restrictions. One of our new members for 2020 had two days of four salmon caught on each visit on fly to 16lb.

In addition to our river fishing we have two trout lakes which remain open all year round. These are in Redesdale and Coquetdale adjacent to our river fishing. There are other wild trout options available. One of the pleasing things to note is that we have never stocked brown trout larger than 1.5lb; yet we are catching them in the 3lb to 5.5lb size range in our Redesdale lake in particular and also in Coquetdale.

We have vacancies for the 2021 season and interested anglers can contact or telephone 0191 4133789 or 07590 411015 for further details.

The selection of pics below are from some of our waters showing a glimpse of the fishing we have. There’s lots more!

Pics above: Ridley Stokoe, North Tyne, Storey’s Hole, Coquet, New Stream Coquet, Stanley Burn Pool, Wylam, Lower Tyne. Border Esk Little Sowie and Lower Smalesmouth North Tyne.


Would all Tyneside Anglers Syndicate members please confirm your email addresses in order that end of season letters can be sent out. Every penny counts for us and emailing saves pounds in postages which can be used towards other purposes including restocking and rents etc.

Please email as soon as possible.

We have just completed what has been an eventful year with Covid disrupting a large part of our season. Nevertheless we have caught more fish this year than in the two previous ones.

We have had a record salmon of 34lb as well as some fine catches by some of our members. It has been all about getting on the river at the most opportune times. Experience also counts greatly; knowing when to go and above all having the time and opportunity. Any members who have not given their catch returned please do so.

We have a good selection of fishing available to members.

Any anglers reading this who are interested in joining up please contact me at