The extra water has certainly made fishing more productive. In the last week we have had salmon of 7lb, 11lb, 13lb, 7lb, 9lb, 12lb, 11lb, 9lb, 10lb, 5lb, 13lb and 11lb. Sea-trout of 5.5lb, 2lb, 2lb, 3lb 8oz, 5lb and 6lb. Also a Steelhead of over 5lb gleaming fish. Some nice brown trout have also been caught to 1lb 8oz plus.

Many fish lost and probably a few more caught that have not been reported. After even more water at the weekend it is well worth getting out on to our beats. Border Esk, Ettrick, Rede, North and South Tyne, Main Tyne, Coquet and Wear have all had water some more than others. To get river levels Google your chosen river and location eg River level at Bywell, River level at Haydon Bridge, River Level at Bellingham, River Level at Otterburn. etc. These will give you up to date levels.




Local rivers have had good lifts of water at last. When fining down and clearing good sport should be on offer. Time to get out fishing. Tyne system has come away today with the  main river looking good. South Tyne, North Tyne and Rede all had good lifts of water. This will move fish well upstream. Rede and even Upper North Tyne beats may have some fish present.

Border Esk had a couple of metres and was falling as I write. This should encourage good runs of sea-trout, grilse and salmon salmon.

The River Wear has also had some water which will improve prospects on our fishing. I would expect our beats will produce some good sport in the weeks to come.

Both Whiteadder and Ettrick have had lifts of water too.

Most of our rivers had had plenty weed growth and slime which hopefully will be scoured out with the extra water.

Important info regarding Chollerford. The hotel is closed but we continue fishing as normal. If you wish to fish the Hotel side of the river or the opposite bank, Car passes MUST be displayed or you will be asked to leave. Please adhere to this advice WHICH APPLIES TO ALL OUR FISHING. There is a barrier which will require lifting and replacing on entry to he hotel car park.



Update 27th June pm.

Tyne has had a Kielder release in for a few days lately which has moved some fish upriver.

Plenty fish have been seen in our pools at Wylam and also running at Bywell Quarry.

Gary Cruickshank caught a lovely 5lb plus sea-trout and another just under 2lb. Fish have made it into the North Tyne and given a fresh water rise sport should pick up.

Our beats below Durham have fish present too with some reported caught. Further upriver at Page Bank, fish have been seen in the pools along with some very nice brown trout.

The Border Esk had a metre flood early this week which set fish running bringing Longwood into the picture. Well worth fishing for the sea-trout into dusk and beyond.

Given plenty rainfall fishing should really get going. Some picnickers have been a menace on some of our beats persistently leaving litter and broken bottles so beware when walking on the banks etc.. If people are fishing without badges and don’t look like members please ask them to leave. Obviously aggressive people need to be avoided.

Members are asked to keep a record of fish caught and report them to me. A log of brown trout and or coarse fish caught during the year would also be useful for us to have including any special fish or catches.

Tyne had a small rise after the South Tyne rose. This set fish running. Our pools at Wylam saw lots of movement. One rod to land a lovely fresh run 11lb salmon was Ian Gaffney. Ian caught and returned the fish on fly. Other fish were present and a few huge fish have been seen. The river is almost back to summer level again but there are fish about.

Advice to anglers is to keep an eye out for lifts in water after rainfall and get out soon after. Early and late in the day are good times to fish at present. Sea-trout will be worth trying for now into darkness or the first couple of hours before darkness.

11th June

Local rivers have had some very welcome extra water. The Wear has picked up a decent rise as has the South Tyne and River Rede. The Ettrick has also had a decent rise. This should improve prospects in the coming days.

The good news is that we have made an agreement to fish the Longwood Beat on the Border Esk as from today. The map and details are in your 2020 membership booklet. The beat is now back under our control so enjoy your fishing. Any questions email me at davecarrickryton@hotmail.com

The cooler conditions plus some rainfall has helped the situation.

A couple of grilse have been caught on our Wylam beat and fish have been seen in numbers at times. A few have also been seen showing at our Bywell beat.

A few smaller sea-trout between 1lb 8oz and 2lb have been caught on the fly at Wylam.

We are in need of a good spate to get sport going. Nevertheless there is always the chance of a fish but smaller flies are the order of the day.

Some nice trout have been caught on our Ettrick fishing and also on the River Rede.

Kielder releases have helped the upper North Tyne beats and some good trout have been rising. Salmon and some sea-trout are now in the North Tyne albeit in limited numbers at present. The extra water from the South Tyne and Rede etc should encourage fish to run the North Tyne.

Our Border Esk beat at Longwood is well worth fishing. If the river gets some extra water sport will be very good. With Pools like Skipper’s Bridge, Black Wa’s, Big Sowie and Little Sowie the sea-trout should be on especially under the cover of darkness.

As soon as there is something really promising to report it will feature almost immediately. Tight Lines!



Scottish waters are now open for fishing Whiteadder and Ettrick.

Three sea-trout have now been caught at Wylam and a 6 lb grilse all on fly.


Anglers out on our waters have caught some nice brown trout despite the low flows. Kielder releases have helped but there has only been an odd day when levels were decent. A 3.5 cumec releases is in at present for the rest of the week.

There are many smolts in our pools that need to leave the river but without extra water they may well fall foul of the many predators. A few decent releases would definitely help the situation.

A couple of sea-trout have been caught at Wylam; 2lb and 1lb 8oz both to fly and returned.

Salmon have been seen at Wylam, Bywell Quarry and even at Chollerford.

As soon as there is any real news this blog will be updated.

Anyone fishing at Ridley Stokoe please use the parking as per booklet. Do not park in the field beside the farm entrance, use the lower parking and wide verges.

Enjoy your fishing.


From Wednesday 13th May, Tyneside Anglers’ Syndicate fishing in England will re-open.

Our Scottish waters remain closed until the lockdown in Scotland is lifted. This means the Whiteadder and Ettrick beats. Hopefully these waters will be available in the near future.

Advice to members is to respect the fishery owners and keep to the social distancing at all times. Where you are close to their dwellings please always respect their privacy.

One other important thing to do is to either have something with you to wipe gate latches or wear gloves when ENTERING AND LEAVING fisheries. Also when touching fences and styles etc.

Park sensibly while at the river beats and lakes.

Hopefully pools will be well stocked after the long lay off. River levels are low so smaller flies and lighter lines may well produce action. It is likely that some sea-trout will be in the pools too.

Brown trout should be coming into good order and we have some fine areas to fish.

Advice for fishing the River Rede. Our three farms on the right bank offer some great sport. My advice would be to tackle them in three sections; too much for any one day!

The top beat from Oldtown, park in the lane and walk down to the river. This area offers some fine areas including some good pools and runs.

The central section can be accessed from Hole Mill farm crossing the river and fishing upstream and/or fish the Hole Mill bank.

The third area of fishing is accessed from the minor road near the brow of the hill coming up from West Woodburn on A68. Travel down the lane to the bend and park on the right. There is a gate to the river literally on the corner to your left facing upstream.

Please refer to this blog in the coming days and weeks in case our Scottish waters can reopen.

Enjoy your fishing and the superb surroundings and wildlife it holds!







P Hogg's salmonHarvey's 8lber

Above: Paddy Hogg ready to return his 11lb salmon caught on Tyneside Anglers Syndicate Whiteadder fishing.

Below: Harvey Marchbank’s 8lb salmon caught on a Verminator


Despite the inclement weather of late, Tyneside Anglers Syndicate members have caught three spring salmon off the their Whiteadder fishing. As per previous post when the first fish was reported on 3rd March. Paddy Hogg returned a gleaning 11lb salmon caught in a high water on a spinner on 14th March. The fish went back and swam away strongly.

On Monday 16th March, Harvey Marchbank caught an 8lb springer on a Verminator fly and he had the whole near 3 mile beat to himself.

While rivers like the Tyne are struggling to come into any decent order, the Whiteadder has shown it can produce sport even around two feet plus.

The improved weather conditions this week should see Tyne fall in to some kind of decent conditions. This should give anglers a much better chance of catching a spring fish.



200303_Springer_9lb cropped

Tuesday 3rd March saw Tyneside Anglers Syndicate’s first salmon of the season caught on the River Whiteadder. The 9lb gleaming springer was caught by Paul Neate of Edington on a Cascade. Paul was fishing a quite high river at 2 feet 2 inches on the gauge. The river was at a steady height  and running clean. The fish was photographed in the net before being carefully returned. The fish was kept in the river at all times before release.

With a more settled weather forecast there is definitely the chance of others being caught.

The main Tyne is also beginning to fall in after some massive spates. Hopefully members will locate salmon on our lower Tyne beats.

We are still welcoming new members and we take anglers from out of our region without any financial penalties. Our subscription of £295 is the same for everyone.

Interested anglers contact davecarrickryton@hotmail.com or tel 0191 4133789.


UPDATED  25/02/20

latest news- Storm Ciara and Dennis certainly washed out any prospects of February salmon on our local rivers. Once the weather settles down members can expect sport on the Whiteadder and hopefully our lower main Tyne beats.

Levels have been too high even when a settled spell of weather has been with us albeit for odd days.

The excellent streams and glides on our Whiteadder beats offer the chance of beautiful spring fish on the fly.

Our lower main Tyne beats can also produce spring fish with Wylam offering the better fly fishing prospects subject to lower flows.

Bywell/ Merryshields Beat will have to drop considerably for any possible wading. Fly fishing from the bank is limited in higher flows. Spinning at present is the best approach.

I would advise members to bring spinning gear until levels settle down. The Bywell beat offers large areas where spring salmon can hold up. It is always worth a cast when levels are sensible. There are plenty quiet areas where fish can tuck in. Watch this blog for further updates as conditions improve.



Our Redesdale Lake has produced some nice winter sport. Bill Reay has fished regularly and is averaging seven fish per visit. His best one to date was a 4lb plus rainbow. Hilary Drury caught a cracking 4lb brown trout.

In one of our later catch returns one of our local TAS members reported catching over 20 salmon to 18lb 7oz and 7 sea-trout to 6lb for the 2019 season. Right place right time!

Another interesting catch was by Dave Carne fishing our South Tyne beat at Bardon Mill. He caught a 17lb hen salmon which he returned on 26th September. The fish had a large distinctive black spot on one of the gill covers. He then caught the same fish again on 3rd October.

TYNESIDE ANGLERS SYNDICATE is still taking new members and those who wish to rejoin. Contact davecarrickryton@hotmail.com  for details.


Pics below are all from the River Rede and all from the lower part of our fishing. There are many lovely pools and streams in this area. The mid to upper section of our fishing has many good holding pools for salmon and sea-trout. Some 3.5 miles of excellent water offering a superb environment in which to fish.

Wild brown trout to over 3lb have been caught in recent seasons as well as salmon to just under 20lb and sea-trout to around 8lb.

Tyneside Anglers Syndicate is welcoming new members for the forthcoming 2020 season. We offer some very good fishing on prime Northern rivers which include: Tyne and its tributaries, Coquet, Wear, Whiteadder and Ettrick.

For the price of a single day on rivers like Tweed, we offer a full season which stretches from 1st February until 30th November with trout fishing available all year round. Each season members catch some fine salmon, sea-trout, brown trout and Grayling. During 2019 salmon to 20lb have been caught as well as sea-trout to over 9lb, wild brown trout to 4lb and grayling to 4lb.

Returns are still coming in so there may be larger fish reported. Several of our members caught multiple salmon and sea-trout during their 2019 outings. Another 20lb salmon was reported in late November. These catches were spread over spring, summer and autumn visits to our waters.

Our waters are not heavily fished and are situated in superb surroundings with plenty good fly water. Fishing areas such as the main Tyne, Rede, North Tyne and South Tyne, anglers often remark that they had the water to themselves. Parking on our beats is also very good and many of our members make friends with new additions to our ranks.

We offer some very good and varied trout fishing for wild brown trout; as well as two stocked lakes and a further two wild lakes. The stocked lakes are open all year round at no further cost. Rainbow trout to over 5lb were caught in 2019 and grown on brown trout approaching this size have also been caught and released.

We will be operating a boat on our Coquetdale lake during the New Year, which will open up unfished areas of this super private lake.

Our main wild brown trout fishing is on the River Rede with access over four private farms with one bank covering well over 3.5 miles of enticing varied fishing. The fishing on offer, will please most trout anglers who love to fish for native wild brown trout. During 2019 our keen brown trout members caught some superb fish with a good number over 2lb. Catches approaching and even over 20 fish in a visit were reported. The potential of our wild brown trout fishing is far from being reached and most of our fishing offers interesting brown trout fishing..

As catch returns come in more multiple catches have been reported.  One member caught three salmon of 13lb, 12lb and 10lb on our Page Bank Beat in the middle reaches of the River Wear.

Down at Low Grange also on the River Wear another member caught five sea-trout in a day.

We are opening up more of our Bywell Quarry beat before the new season. This beat in the past produced some really good catches.

Watch this blog for future pics of some of our waters. Throughout the 2020 season there will be regular updates concerning fishing and prospects etc to help visiting and local anglers alike. This will include reports on salmon, trout and sea-trout  prospects etc. These reports will help anglers who live out of the region to visit when chances are much better. Please mention this website to any anglers looking to fish in our region.

Cost of membership is £295.

Interested anglers can email davecarrickryton@hotmail.com for further details.


Just a snippet of some of our latest catches. They include salmon of 4lb 8oz, 5lb, 5lb, 5lb and 6lb for David Carrick caught on an Orange Shrimp Fly pattern. Ian Nicholson landed a 10lb salmon and a 5lb grilse on a toucan. He followed this with a 6lb sea-trout caught on the same fly.

On another visit David Carrick caught an 11lb salmon and an 8lb sea-trout. John Armstrong landed a 5lb grilse on as Shrimp Fly. Gary Cruickshank reports salmon of 13lb, 14lb and 14lb spinning. All of these fish were caught on TAS Coquet fishing. Gary Cruickshank also landed a fresh run 10lb salmon off TAS Rede fishing.

Bill Grant caught salmon of 9lb, 9lb and 13lb off TAS South Tyne beat all on fly. Fish have been caught on a number of our beats.

Would members who have not reported catches please do so at their convenience.

A reminder that our fishing continues on our Tweed based waters on the Whiteadder, Ettrick and Tweed during November.

Don’t forget to try our stillwaters which remain open all winter. Stocking will take place.


Since our last post we have been swamped by spates and high flows. This has brought fish into the rivers and they have been running hard at times. All of our beats have produced fish of late.

Spinning has been the order of the day when local rivers were too high for the fly. Once they fall and clear a bit fly has been successful. Our South and North Tyne beats have produced salmon of late mainly grilse plus some good sea-trout in the 5lb class.

The Wear beats have also produced catches of sea-trout and also grilse and odd salmon.

Our Scottish waters have produced salmon into double figures as well as grilse and some sea-trout.

We will be stocking our Redesdale Lake in the near future so watch out for some good later autumn and early winter trout fishing.

The message is to get out fishing but remember that the Tweed system is FLY ONLY until the end of the season on 30th November.