PPaddy Hogg Salmon

Paddy Hogg from Kelso gets ready to return TAS’ first salmon of the season, caught on the Edington beat on the River Whiteadder; lowest tributary of the River Tweed on March 9th. The fish was carefully returned.


Hilary Drury showed the men how to catch salmon landing a lovely 6lb fresh run salmon also off our Whiteadder fishing. The salmon took an Orange and Yellow fly fished in what was a big water at 2 feet 5 inches on the gauge. The fish was carefully returned.

This was TAS’ 3 rd  salmon of the 2109 season

The first fish of the 2019 season were caught yesterday Saturday 9th March at Edington Mill on our Whiteadder fishings. Paddy Hogg from Kelso landed a fresh run 14lb salmon caught in a high but falling water on a Copper bladed Flying C. The fish was carefully returned.

His son  Finlay Hogg also caught a fresh run salmon of around 4lb – 5lb also to a Flying C. Other fish are certain to be present in the river.

Other rivers received extra water and with the unsettled weather forecast, being there at the right time is of great importance. Ettrick had a big lift and there is the possibility of early fish to be caught.

The weather has been pretty dismal of late but more settled conditions are forecast for next week.

Tyne has been massive this week ruling out any real fishing prospects. Should levels fall and settle prospects will certainly be improved on our lower river fishing.

The Wear also got plenty water which may move in some early fish.



Update 7/03/19  Local rivers have all had water Tyne had almost three metres with tributaries also running very high. Given a dry spell prospects should improve when levels fall and clear.

The unsettled weather that has arrived from the beginning of March including Storm Freya may well herald the arrival of some salmon and early sea-trout.

TAS ‘ Tyne, Ettrick and Whiteadder beats should see odd fish in the pools. Unlike last season the Whiteadder has had a few good spates already and this could get sport going.

So it is time to get out when levels fall and clear.

Trout fishing opens in Northumbria on 22nd March and our Rede fishing can give good sport from the off. Fish can often be full of caddis larvae and snail and in remarkably good condition for the time of year.

The Wear beats are also well worth visiting as are our trout lakes; which have given good sport at times during the winter months.

We are still welcoming new members. Contact is 0191 4133789 or email


Here is the information for members for the use of the Ovensclose Fishing at Lindean near Selkirk on the River Ettrick. The beat is situated in beautiful surroundings offering a very pleasant day out.

TAS members can fish for salmon, sea-trout, brown trout and grayling subject to their seasons. The grayling fishing is also available during the winter months. The fishing is on the left bank from the Nettley Burn downstream to Lindean Bridge. The named pools are on the black and white map while the other map is for information.

All fishing is subject to Tweed rules and members should make themselves aware of these before fishing. There are codes for salmon, sea-trout, brown trout and grayling fishing on the Tweed system.

The beat is a two rod beat and members wishing to fish will need to book their visits through John Medley on 01620 860738.

This fishing was acquired and the lease was signed after the membership booklet was produced. For travel purposes the post code is TD13PJ.

Enjoy this lovely beat.


Lindean Fisheries



Here’s to 2019; a season of hope!

Any members that did not receive the renewal letter or email. Please get in touch by email Some of these have gone astray.

A few pics from our fishing. Long time member Steve Drury with a couple of salmon caught on our waters including a cracking beauty. A few scenic pics of TAS waters:

River Tyne at Wylam x 2, Border Esk, North Tyne at Ridley Stokoe, Border Esk,  River Coquet and River Wear.


The new salmon season opens on Friday 1st February. The drier conditions means more settled rivers; so prospects for early fish are improved on our waters. Our pools at Wylam and Bywell Quarry offer chances of an early springer or two. Fish tend to hold up in our pools in the lower Tyne during lower flows. The Whiteadder also gives members the opportunity to catch some lovely spring fish. We have lots of excellent fly water offering opportunities for double handed fishing as well as single handed rods.

With the drift nets off and T and J netting times reduced more salmon and sea-trout will run our east coast rivers.

Tyne, Wear, Coquet, Till and Whiteadder will benefit from this. Each season we catch salmon in excess of 20lb and fish as large as 30lb and 35lb have been caught on our waters with several even larger fish lost off. Sea -trout into double figures have been caught and wild brown trout and grayling to well over 3lb.

22nd March sees brown trout season open up  and even earlier in Scotland. We have a wide choice of places to fish for these sporting fish. The Rede, North Tyne, Coquet, Wear and Ettrick all offer good opportunities to catch some excellent wild brown trout.

In the past grayling have been a fringe fish for us but we now have some very good grayling fishing. The Wear, Ettrick, Whiteadder and Till all have good stocks and we have caught grayling to 4lb. Even the Border Esk has produced some excellent grayling.

We have extensive opportunities for night fly fishing for sea-trout as well as areas that have never really been fished at night. These are still to be discovered.

We encourage new members to come and join us. Our fees are very reasonable and we offer many excellent venues to enjoy. While the last few seasons have been leaner in catches as well as giving us difficult weather and river conditions we anticipate an improvement this year.

Our yearly membership amounts to little over the cost of a day on some rivers. For visiting anglers it means being able to visit whenever they like. Limited time can obviously mean less opportunity to catch the best conditions and runs of fish. Being a season member, can mean being able to come when you like and select those favourable times ; which a pre-selected week often misses out on.

We also have several trout lakes offering good sport all year round and these are inclusive of membership.

We fish the following rivers:  Tyne, North Tyne, South Tyne, River Rede, Wear, Coquet, Till, Ettrick, Tweed, Whiteadder and Border Esk as well as having access to the Ribble and Hodder in Lancashire.

Cost for membership is £295 plus a £50 joining fee.

Contacts are 0191 4133789, mobile 07590 411015 or email


We have taken back the fishing on the Tweed tributary; the Ettrick at Lindean Bridge. The fishing is actually called the Ovenstones Beat comprising 1.25 miles of fishing. We have the salmon, sea -trout, brown trout and grayling fishing for this season.

The usual booking system will take place through John Medley number in your membership book.

This fishing is situated in beautiful surroundings offering TAS members an interesting days fishing in a lovely setting.

Car parking is as previous map. The existing map in previous booklets is unchanged. This also has all the named pools featured.

For new members, a map will feature on this blog shortly.

Conditions look good for the opening of the salmon season on the Tyne. Consistent river levels may well give us a great chance to catch springers from the off.

The pools look good and Bywell Quarry is another chance of a springer.







The Environment Agency has at long last announced their byelaws which will become law and come into force on 1st January 2019.

The following restrictions are being implemented:

*  Closing all commercial net fisheries for all At Risk and Probably at Risk rivers ( netting for sea-trout will still be allowed). This will include all drift net fisheries;

*Mandatory catch and release by anglers on the rivers that are classed as At Risk to be introduced in June 2019. These are the Cumbrian Calder, Dorset Stour and Yealm.

*Mandatory catch and release by anglers that are listed as Recovering Rivers. These are rivers where salmon were effectively wiped out and small populations  have re-established in recent years with improvements in water quality on most heavily polluted rivers. Examples are the Mersey Yorkshire Ouse..

*Renewal of the 1998 Spring Salmon Byelaws. These protect the larger early running salmon and do not involve any new measures.

The new byelaws come into force following an Environment Agency consultation, which sought views on how to better manage salmon fishing in England and  the Border Esk.

As part of the new byelaws there will be voluntary catch and release expectation for salmon caught in rivers classed as Probably at Risk to ensure catch and release levels greater then 90%.

Reducing the taking of salmon by rods and nets is only one part of the EA’s larger programme to protect salmon stocks.

Environment Agency Deputy Director of Agriculture Fisheries and the Natural Environment said “It is only through continuing to take concerted action and through the cooperation of others, that we will successfully protect this iconic fish.”

“We are not implementing these changes lightly and have consulted widely with those affected. There is no single solution to protecting salmon stocks: reducing the catch of salmon can only partly contribute to the recovery of salmon stocks.”

As you can see there are no changes to tackle etc. This is not to say that changes won’t happen in the future.

The Tyne, Wear, Coquet and Tees are unaffected.

The withdrawal of the drift nets will produce more significant runs of fish in the rivers above plus the Tweed system which includes the Whiteadder and Till.

The continuation of T and J netting for sea-trout is still causing great concern for the stocks of sea-trout.

Should the sea trout be caught in similar numbers to the last two years we will not be fighting the Save our Salmon cause but the Save Our Sea-trout as stocks have dwindled over more than a decade.


Pics:  Left Looking down to the Commander Dunn Pool at Wylam on the Tyne.

Right upper Stanley Burn Pool in low water; a time when fish can congregate in this pool.

Right lower: River Coquet at Little Tosson.

With the prospects of nets coming off and very few changes likely, Tyneside Anglers Syndicate look forward to a better season. Hopefully more salmon and sea-trout will be running our rivers. Little change looks likely for the angler, as we already return a very large percentage of the fish we catch but this needs to be continued.

We have the breadth of fishing offering salmon , sea-trout , brown trout , grayling and stocked and grown on trout in our rivers and stillwaters.

Our fishing encompasses good spring opportunities especially on the Tyne and Whiteadder in particular provided waters levels are favourable. The River Wear can also provide sport when early fish enter; sometimes in late April and early May. The Till also can offer good sport with early spring sea-trout.

We then have early summer to look to with fish moving into the Wear, Tyne, Whiteadder. This also sees movements of salmon and sea-trout into Tyne tributaries North and South Tyne and given water; the Rede.

The trout fishing on our stretches can be good almost from the off on 22nd March. The Rede, North Tyne and Wear all have decent stocks. Last season the Rede and North Tyne produced some lovely wild brown trout with a plentiful number in the 12″ to 15″size range caught. More of our members have realised that the Rede is a beautiful river that offers some fine brown trout fishing. They are not that easy to catch but present a challenge to the purist fly fisher.

Given water at the right times, our fishing can be nothing short of very good. Plenty good fly water, excellent night sea-trouting opportunities and superb locations mostly on private land. The scenery of Northumberland and Co Durham is superb as is of course Cumbria.

Our trout lakes remain open all year round and can fish really well even during the winter. They are not stockie bashing venues, they require the thoughtful approach as fish are on to natural feed and they know their surroundings.

We encourage new members to come and join us. Even if you fish alone it will not take long to make friends on the river banks etc.

Interested anglers can contact 0191 4133789 or email


As we reach the last week of fishing on English waters for salmon and sea-trout, the message for Tyneside Anglers Syndicate members is that there is still plenty fishing to come. We continue fishing until the end of November on the Tweed system. Our fishing on the Whiteadder, Till and Tweed offer some great opportunities to catch a late salmon or two.. If we get a few rises  of water then sport should be good.

There is also the grayling on the Wear and Till. Our beat at Page Bank holds good numbers of grayling that are well worth fishing for. Other beats below Durham also have grayling present.

On the Stillwater trout scene our two lakes remain open all year round and can offer some very nice fishing. Both lakes hold good stocks of trout and we have been catching some good ones recently. Fish to 5lb have been caught.

Please remember both lakes are barbless venues so make sure your flies are de-barbed.

There are plenty notices in our fishing huts so if you are visiting for the first time please read them.

As it approaching the time when renewal of membership becomes due please send me your email address. This will help us to save on postages.

Also if you have caught fish and not reported them please email them to me at your convenience.

A reminder of our Disabled Anglers Night at Greenside Cricket Club on Thursday 8th November. Band and buffet on the night and all are welcome.


Take 3

The “Take 3 for the Wear” campaign was instigated by a keen Wear angler and has been taken up by the Wear Anglers Association as a positive step forward in preserving the beauty of the River Wear valley. Tyneside Anglers’ Syndicate is fully behind this positive initiative.

Not only do we want TAS members who fish the Wear to take part in removing three pieces of litter when they are fishing, we encourage them to take more and extend this environmentally sound idea to all our fishing beats.

We know that anglers are not creating this litter but it is sensible to remove it and keep our fishing areas free of litter.

Anglers really do care about our environment and this is another way we can show it.

So TAS members please get on board and help clean up what is becoming a rubbish dump UK. We would also encourage visitors to the blog from all over the country, to adopt this idea and make a positive improvement to our river banks.



Members have been catching salmon and sea-trout on our Tyne beats and elsewhere too. Among the reported catches was James  Illingworth with a salmon of 7lb plus and a sea-trout of 3lb at Ridley Stokoe on fly. Harvey Marchbank caught a salmon of 11lb and a sea-trout of 5lb both to fly off the North Tyne. Salmon of 8lb and 10lb were caught at Ridley Stokoe and Wylam. Kevin Winters had a grilse of 4lb and George Renwick caught an 11lb salmon on the Eden. John Medley landed a 10lb salmon off our Tweed beat on fly.

William Robinson caught salmon of 14lb , 13lb and a 2 lb sea-trout off the Border Esk. George Pearson had four sea-trout to 8lb 8oz off the North Tyne while one local rod had sea-trout of 4lb 8oz and 5lb off the Wear as well as a 2lb 8oz wild brown trout.

Patrice Paris from France caught a grilse off the South Tyne on fly and several other grilse have been reported.

Kielder releases have kept the North Tyne in good ply and they continue this week falling to 5 cumecs which is still a pleasant level to fish especially for the fly angler.

Our Stillwater lakes have produced some fine trout of late. Our Coquetdale lake is producing some superb brown trout. We have not stocked anything above a pound, yet were have been catching fish between 3lb and 5lb of late.

Members are advised to read messages in angler huts at Coquetdale and Redesdale before fishing.

Back to the rivers any river receiving rainfall will produce fish in the last few weeks of the season so get out and enjoy your sport.

A reminder to recent joining members that we continue fishing until the end of November on the Tweed, Whiteadder and Till.

Grayling fishing is available on Whiteadder at Edington, River Till and Wear. Good stocks are present in all of these areas. Fishing is available 365 days a year for members. Our trout lakes are open all year round too!