Pics:  Left Looking down to the Commander Dunn Pool at Wylam on the Tyne.

Right upper Stanley Burn Pool in low water; a time when fish can congregate in this pool.

Right lower: River Coquet at Little Tosson.

With the prospects of nets coming off and very few changes likely, Tyneside Anglers Syndicate look forward to a better season. Hopefully more salmon and sea-trout will be running our rivers. Little change looks likely for the angler, as we already return a very large percentage of the fish we catch but this needs to be continued.

We have the breadth of fishing offering salmon , sea-trout , brown trout , grayling and stocked and grown on trout in our rivers and stillwaters.

Our fishing encompasses good spring opportunities especially on the Tyne and Whiteadder in particular provided waters levels are favourable. The River Wear can also provide sport when early fish enter; sometimes in late April and early May. The Till also can offer good sport with early spring sea-trout.

We then have early summer to look to with fish moving into the Wear, Tyne, Whiteadder. This also sees movements of salmon and sea-trout into Tyne tributaries North and South Tyne and given water; the Rede.

The trout fishing on our stretches can be good almost from the off on 22nd March. The Rede, North Tyne and Wear all have decent stocks. Last season the Rede and North Tyne produced some lovely wild brown trout with a plentiful number in the 12″ to 15″size range caught. More of our members have realised that the Rede is a beautiful river that offers some fine brown trout fishing. They are not that easy to catch but present a challenge to the purist fly fisher.

Given water at the right times, our fishing can be nothing short of very good. Plenty good fly water, excellent night sea-trouting opportunities and superb locations mostly on private land. The scenery of Northumberland and Co Durham is superb as is of course Cumbria.

Our trout lakes remain open all year round and can fish really well even during the winter. They are not stockie bashing venues, they require the thoughtful approach as fish are on to natural feed and they know their surroundings.

We encourage new members to come and join us. Even if you fish alone it will not take long to make friends on the river banks etc.

Interested anglers can contact 0191 4133789 or email davecarrickryton@hotmail.com



As we reach the last week of fishing on English waters for salmon and sea-trout, the message for Tyneside Anglers Syndicate members is that there is still plenty fishing to come. We continue fishing until the end of November on the Tweed system. Our fishing on the Whiteadder, Till and Tweed offer some great opportunities to catch a late salmon or two.. If we get a few rises  of water then sport should be good.

There is also the grayling on the Wear and Till. Our beat at Page Bank holds good numbers of grayling that are well worth fishing for. Other beats below Durham also have grayling present.

On the Stillwater trout scene our two lakes remain open all year round and can offer some very nice fishing. Both lakes hold good stocks of trout and we have been catching some good ones recently. Fish to 5lb have been caught.

Please remember both lakes are barbless venues so make sure your flies are de-barbed.

There are plenty notices in our fishing huts so if you are visiting for the first time please read them.

As it approaching the time when renewal of membership becomes due please send me your email address. This will help us to save on postages.

Also if you have caught fish and not reported them please email them to me at your convenience.

A reminder of our Disabled Anglers Night at Greenside Cricket Club on Thursday 8th November. Band and buffet on the night and all are welcome.


Take 3

The “Take 3 for the Wear” campaign was instigated by a keen Wear angler and has been taken up by the Wear Anglers Association as a positive step forward in preserving the beauty of the River Wear valley. Tyneside Anglers’ Syndicate is fully behind this positive initiative.

Not only do we want TAS members who fish the Wear to take part in removing three pieces of litter when they are fishing, we encourage them to take more and extend this environmentally sound idea to all our fishing beats.

We know that anglers are not creating this litter but it is sensible to remove it and keep our fishing areas free of litter.

Anglers really do care about our environment and this is another way we can show it.

So TAS members please get on board and help clean up what is becoming a rubbish dump UK. We would also encourage visitors to the blog from all over the country, to adopt this idea and make a positive improvement to our river banks.



Members have been catching salmon and sea-trout on our Tyne beats and elsewhere too. Among the reported catches was James  Illingworth with a salmon of 7lb plus and a sea-trout of 3lb at Ridley Stokoe on fly. Harvey Marchbank caught a salmon of 11lb and a sea-trout of 5lb both to fly off the North Tyne. Salmon of 8lb and 10lb were caught at Ridley Stokoe and Wylam. Kevin Winters had a grilse of 4lb and George Renwick caught an 11lb salmon on the Eden. John Medley landed a 10lb salmon off our Tweed beat on fly.

William Robinson caught salmon of 14lb , 13lb and a 2 lb sea-trout off the Border Esk. George Pearson had four sea-trout to 8lb 8oz off the North Tyne while one local rod had sea-trout of 4lb 8oz and 5lb off the Wear as well as a 2lb 8oz wild brown trout.

Patrice Paris from France caught a grilse off the South Tyne on fly and several other grilse have been reported.

Kielder releases have kept the North Tyne in good ply and they continue this week falling to 5 cumecs which is still a pleasant level to fish especially for the fly angler.

Our Stillwater lakes have produced some fine trout of late. Our Coquetdale lake is producing some superb brown trout. We have not stocked anything above a pound, yet were have been catching fish between 3lb and 5lb of late.

Members are advised to read messages in angler huts at Coquetdale and Redesdale before fishing.

Back to the rivers any river receiving rainfall will produce fish in the last few weeks of the season so get out and enjoy your sport.

A reminder to recent joining members that we continue fishing until the end of November on the Tweed, Whiteadder and Till.

Grayling fishing is available on Whiteadder at Edington, River Till and Wear. Good stocks are present in all of these areas. Fishing is available 365 days a year for members. Our trout lakes are open all year round too!

More good Sport

The Kielder release programme sees a 13 cumec release on Wednesday 26th September followed by another day at the same height followed by two days of 9 cumecs. These are ideal heights for the North Tyne and main Tyne. The following two days sees this drop to 5 cumecs which is still a pleasant height to fish the North Tyne. Time to get out and fish!

After the rainfall of last week anglers have had some good fishing conditions. With the whole Tyne system coming away in spate, runs of fish have resulted and some good catches have been made.

Even the River Wear had a good lift and anglers benefited from this extra water. Some members had good sport and fish in the 5lb class were caught. I heard of an excellent 2lb 8oz brown trout also being landed.

Harvey Marchbank had three sea-trout to 4lb 8oz off the North Tyne.  As levels fall the approach from anglers will be possibly be with smaller flies and baits.

We have had fish reported from the North Tyne, South Tyne, Wear, Border Esk and Eden of late.

I had a visit to Page Bank on the Wear today, where members have excellent access and parking in a car park with security cameras installed. While the lower part of our fishing is easily accessible, members fail to fish the upper areas.

The top boundary is the incoming stream. From where this enters the river there are some excellent runs and pools which seldom get fished by our members. We now have permission to park vehicles on the verges at Jesmond House. This is just up the bank from Stanners Farm with the entrance on the right at the top of the bank. Members can then walk down to the river from here. This opens up some good opportunities to catch salmon, trout, sea-trout and grayling.



Sunday 23rd September.

George Pearson caught four cracking sea-trout off our North Tyne fishing at the weekend

ranging from 3lb 8 oz to 8 lb 8oz and also landed an 11lb salmon all returned.

William Robinson had a good day on Mid Irvine House catching salmon of 13 lb and 14lb as well as a sea-trout of 2lb. These are just a few of our catches.

Correction Monthly Meeting is on Monday 24th September at Greenside Cricket Club 8pm. All members welcome.

The change in weather has brought plenty water today to the Border Esk, South Tyne, North Tyne, Main Tyne, Rede, Coquet, Wear and Lyne. This should bring in runs of fish and move fish throughout all of our fishing.

It is unclear how much rainfall the Till and Whiteadder will get but they were both rising today. The Upper Tweed has also had a big rise in flows so the upper reaches may well have had runs of fish.

The weather outlook is for more rainfall over the weekend so if you are planning a fishing visit check levels.

While Fish tyne.co.uk etc gives you levels each morning and evening, logging on to http://www.riverlevels.uk. will give you up to date levels in areas that are very useful to our members. It may save you a wasted journey or on the plus side get you on the river when conditions are ideal. While they are not exactly  at our fishings they are above them so they are a good indicator of potential conditions.

Regions relevant to Tyneside Anglers Syndicate are: Cumbria River Eden, River Lyne Cliff Bridge, River South Tyne Alston.

Durham River Wear at Witton Park and New Elvet Bridge.

Northumberland- River Coquet at Alwinton Bridge and Rothbury.

River North Tyne at Falstone and also at Chollerford

River Rede at Otterburn

River South Tyne at Featherstone

River Till at Heaton Mill.

River Tyne at Riding Mill or Bywell

The change in weather could well be a real bonus to members with the chances of some good sport. The forecast is for more rain over the weekend then a dry spell when levels will fall away. Timing of visits is important for success in catching salmon and sea-trout.

While we all love our fly fishing in times of fluctuating river levels, a spinning rod is sometimes a necessity. Make sure you take one with you. It also means you can cover areas not accessible to the fly angler.

Catches are improving  and hopefully a good back end may be in store. Tight Lines and enjoy your fishing.

In the past the following areas have come into order first:

Longwood on the Border Esk, River Lyne at Shankfieldhead, Ridley Stokoe, North Tyne, River Rede, River Coquet at Little Tosson and the River Wear at Page Bank.

I hope this information is useful to you. Please remember to report your fish to me. When fishing Irvine House please remember to enter your catches in the books in the fishing huts.

Our trout lakes are fishing well with some exciting sport on offer. Please remember to fish barbless and don’t fish too light. Be careful on the platforms at Little Tosson and keep to the centre of them. We are going to modify the boats so use at present is at your own risk.

The counter at Riding Mill has shown over 22,000 upstream movements of migratory fish to the end of August. September runs are likely to be favourable too.

NEXT MONTHLY MEETING is to be held on Monday 24th September. Members welcome.

Also another date for your diary is Thursday 8th November when there is a social night for members being held at Greenside Cricket Club near Ryton. It also coincides with a presentation night for two local Disabled Angling Clubs. There is a band playing on the night , plus a buffet- all welcome! 7:30pm.


Updated 13th September 2018

The Kielder release brought a fine catch of four salmon for one TAS rod fishing one of our North Tyne beats. His fish were estimated at 10lb 12oz, 10lb 8oz, 10lb and a grilse of around 5lb. All caught in a big water after a 15 cumec release. He also lost four other fish all thought to be salmon!! It’s all about being there at the right time!

Another notable catch from one of our stillwaters was a grown on 5lb plus brown trout caught and carefully released by stalwart member Tom Cowing. No brown trout over 1lb have been stocked!

We are still taking memberships that will run for 12 months from the time of joining. Join us and enjoy the autumn fishing which extends through November on the Tweed system. Contact details below.

The extra rainfall had  lifted the South Tyne, North Tyne and River Rede as well as the main river. Kielder releases are needed to help fish upstream when rainfall is absent.

Our stillwaters are fishing well and are well stocked. One angler caught a superb grown on brown trout of 3lb 12oz. Some large browns have been lost and a few casts have been broken by large browns diving into weeds at our Coquetdale lake. Please make sure you don’t fish too light. Also take great care if using one of our boats.

A big Kielder releases is in this weekend 7th September; 15 cumecs so if you are fishing Ridley Stokoe take care when wading; use a wading stick to check depths at all times. This release should bring fish up on to our beat. A good idea is to take a spinning rod in addition to your fly rod. By the way the release is not for the anglers or fishes’ benefit;  it is for the Canoe Slalom event on the Tyne!!

The welcome rainfall has certainly improved prospects for sport on our waters. Significant runs of fish have entered the Tyne recently with runs now up to 19,000 for the season so far.

We have had salmon and sea-trout caught on our main Tyne, North and South Tyne beats lately.

On the River Wear some fine sea-trout have been landed up to 7lb on fly at night. In fact one member has caught sea-trout of 7 lb 6oz, 7 lb and 7 lb 8 oz on fly. Another angler reported sea-trout of 6 lb and 8 lb caught on fly.

Odd grilse have also been caught.

The Border Esk has also had some decent runs of sea-trout and some grilse and salmon. TAS rods have caught sea-trout both on fly and spinning baits. Best sea-trout are in the 3 lb class. One rod caught 8 sea-trout on our Longwood beat on a falling and settling water. These fell to fly and Mepps.

Should the unsettled picture continue, sport should be good in the weeks to come.

The Rede had some extra water this week and fish may well have entered from the North Tyne.

More work has been done on our Ridley Stokoe beat on the North Tyne with more access to fly streams. This beat will fish best when there is Kielder water in; 7 cumecs is an ideal height to fish. In excess of 10 cumecs it pays not to be in a hurry when wading.

Fish have been seen of late on this beat.

The next rise on the Whiteadder and Till should bring sport.

We are still encouraging new members to join us even at this stage of the season. With the autumn fishing near some fine sport could be on offer.

Our varied waters offer fishing for salmon, sea-trout, brown trout, rainbow trout , grayling and coarse fish. A whole year of fishing for the cost of an autumn day on rivers such as the Tweed!

Our trout stillwaters are open 365 days a year.

Our river fishing encompasses access to 13 rivers including the Tyne. We fish the Main Tyne, North and South Tyne, River Rede, River Wear, River Coquet, River Whiteadder,

River Tweed, River Till, River Border Esk, River Lyne, River Eden. We also have access to the River Ribble and Hodder.

Members are encouraged to recommend friends etc for membership. This is great for having a companion to travel and fish with.

We fish in some of the most beautiful locations in Britain with the chance of catching a fish of a lifetime.

Contact davecarrickryton@hotmail.com  or tel 01914133789 for full details.


Tyneside Anglers Syndicate has secured another North Tyne beat for the 2019 season. This will add just under a mile of fishing which includes some fine fly fishing water.

The rainfall of 12th and 13th August has brought a rise in flows on the Tyne system including the Rede. This should move further runs of fish upstream improving catch prospects. The River Wear also had a lift as did the Border Esk and River Lyne.

Some sea-trout and odd salmon may well have run into the Rede on this extra water.

Our Coquetdale lake has been restocked and one boat is available for use at present.

Recent catches of sea-trout include fish to 4lb 8oz. Some good brown trout have been caught on the Rede and North Tyne. Grilse to 5lb have been caught on the Wear and our Border Esk fishing as well as sea-trout to 3lb.

Conditions have been improving recently and a further rise or two in flows should bring some fine sport.

Other rivers we fish have had rises in flow so sport could be on the up! Time to get the rods out.

Flies:  Small Cascades, Claret Shrimp Flies, Silver Stoats Tail

Trout: Klinkhammer and various wet flies such as Black Pennell, Greenwell, Mallard and Claret.


Update 7/08/18 7966 migratory fish were counted through Riding Mill fish pass during July. This has produced some better sport on the river. The North Tyne in particular has fish moving upstream.

The weather front coming in later this week may produce some spates so keep aware.

The Border Esk had water last week and good runs of sea-trout entered the river. Irvine House did well with sea-trout. When more settled the night fly fishing should be good.

Silver Stoat , Thompson’s Terror, Peter Ross. Black Pennell, Teal, Blue and Silver and Border Belle. Dressing for the Border Belle is very similar to that of the Bibio. Tie in a Golden Pheasant Tippet in at the Tail. Tie it fairly bushy with a broad silver rib. It works well on a small double or treble.

An unsettled week could bring some further runs of fish.

The Kielder releases continue to keep the North Tyne at a nice fishing height and pulses of fish are moving upstream. Our North Tyne beats are well worth a visit.

South Tyne has dropped back to almost drought level again but heavy rainfall in the west could bring it up again.

The River Lyne has had several rises and the Shankfieldhead stretch is worth a try for sea-trout.

The Rede  is still producing some good trout sport with some members catching over 20 fish for a visit mainly to dry flies such as Klinkhammer.

Watch this blog for up to date info.


update 1st August

Tyne has had some water, Kielder releases are keeping the North and Main Tyne freshened up. Almost 4500 migratory fish have gone through the fish pass at Riding Mill  this month up to 21st July.

The Rede has also had a rise. Bill Reay a regular trout member on the Rede fished a couple of days ago and caught over 20 trout. At least four of them were over 12 inches and in fine fettle. All returned and all caught on the Klinkhammer. Bill was fishing the quicker water in what was a very low river.

On our Redesdale Lake, Tom Cowing caught a lovely 3lb brown trout on a Yellow Humpy. Our Coquetdale Lake is being restocked on Friday 10th August. This will be on a catch and release basis for the near future. Please look for details in the fishing hut .These will be available shortly.

The Irvine House beats are now available to book on Friday and Saturday for three rods on each day. The Irvine House Lower Beat produced 12 sea-trout yesterday and one salmon. There was a good run of sea-trout on the Esk . The river Lyne has also had water and sea-trout will have run the river. Please note we do not have the Gibstown and Low Luckens fishing.  We have also given up the Water below the bottom bridge at Westlinton. We still fish the Westlinton bridge stretch between the two bridges.

The Shankfieldhead Farm stretch is still available and well worth fishing as is the Whiteholme Farm beat from the Black Lyne Bridge down to the farm boundary on the main Lyne.

The North Tyne has a stock of fish and our beats there are well worth fishing

Bywell Quarry has been partially strimmed and should produce fish from now on this season. It just needs rods.

The Wear is still short of water but has fish in the pools.

Some work has been done at Ridley Stokoe and Kielder releases has made this stretch very pleasant to fish. Better access is being made gradually. Three seats have been installed.

The River Till beat is also seeing work done. Please scroll back on our posts to find the map and fishing details etc for this beat.

We still need more rainfall and the short term forecast shows little in the way of rain.

Evenings and into the dusk and dark are likely times to catch fish.

Please report fish caught  to me.



Please note this report is being updated on a regular basis.

Latest update 17/07/18

Kielder releases have kept the North Tyne fresh and sea-trout and some salmon have been moving upstream. Our North Tyne beats are well worth fishing. In addition to the sea-trout caught on the 5th July at Ridley Stokoe several others have been hooked and lost. Our main river beasts are quiet at the moment but things can quickly change.

I along with another TAS member caught 14 brown trout to 1lb mainly on Black flies and Partridge and Orange. At least three large brown trout were risen during the visit none of which stayed on.

Kielder releases have resulted in a really good fishing level at present. Check levels before a visit on fishtyne.co.uk and go into the prospects page. 7 cumecs gives an excellent fishing level as does 10 cumecs. Heavier flows require caution but are still well worth fishing but take care!

The constant low waters have curtailed salmon catches recently but sea-trout numbers have been building up on several of our waters. Targeting these very sporting fish requires timing of visits. Best times are very early morning and evenings and well into darkness.

Catches have been made on the Till, Border Esk and Wear recently. Stocks are likely to build up in the weeks to come. Kielder releases have freshened up the North and main Tyne and salmon have been caught well into the North Tyne. It is likely that some will have pushed on up to Ridley Stokoe and will certainly be in the pools at Chollerford. Timing visits to coincide with Kielder releases can be critical. A 4lb 8oz sea-trout still bearing sea-lice, was caught last Thursday on the Ridley Stokoe beat on a small Ally’s Shrimp Fly. Significant movements of fish have been seen running up the North Tyne recently.

Sea trout to 7lb 6oz have been caught on fly from our Wear fishing at night.

The last few hours of light can be good on the main river with both Wylam and Bywell Quarry worth fishing. Several very fresh run salmon have been hooked and lost at Wylam recently.

The River Rede has produced some very nice brown trout even though levels are low. One member reports fish up to 15 inches on a recent visit, fishing upstream dry fly and nymphing tactics. These were in the main caught in streamy water.

We have held back restocking of our Coquetdale lake due to the ongoing hot spell of weather. When things cool down fish will be stocked.

Ridley Stokoe is a fine venue to try for wild brown trout; especially when there is extra water in from Kielder. A visit will also be worthwhile from the point of view of seeing salmon or sea-trout showing themselves. Single handed rod approach would be my recommendation.

A change in weather will be a real bonus . A few good spates will certainly get fish running and boost sport. Lighter approaches could well pay off in the low flows. Small flies, finer leaders but not less strength may produce more takes.

I was in Sutherland last week and anglers fishing the Oykel in extremely low flows were still using 15 foot rods and number 10 plus lines. The only fish caught were caught on a single hander ; one early in the morning and the other well into the evening. I can only guess how much they had paid for the privilege!

Night fly fishing is the way to go at present with Till, Border Esk, and Wear prime venues. Otherwise take advantage of the Kielder releases on the Tyne. While Kielder releases are on pristine fishing conditions prevail at Ridley Stokoe. Make sure you have your wading staff!


Tyneside Anglers Syndicate are still taking new members contact davecarrickryton@hotmail.com for details.